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Bain Capital

Rumors popping up in CA linking Frontier to Bain Capital. No one seems to know if it's just that Bain has been hired to advise on financial matters, or if there's a sale of some sort pending.
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Where's our Union???

Are they in the pocket of the company? Can't they be front and center telling us what is going on before we hear it over the fence? How about getting us some options such as adding a few years of service. After all its not gonna come out of the... read more
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Chapter 11

I'm pretty sure Frontier will have to file chapter 11 before end of the year. Once the 5g starts in major city's this year 2018 and people start talking about how great it is . It will be over for them with all of that Old Technology. The Century... read more
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First levels

I can see first level layoffs remaining supervisors will have huge crews over muiltiple countys in every state of the footprint
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They hired a lot of business reps they seem to of fired any all support that they had for their reps and their process is far behind at&t and time warner cable/Charter Spectrum. Dsl is a joke and coming into the role you can tell they let go of... read more
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Mangement reshuffle

Reshuffle happening in WV. two day meeting going on with VP Stephens
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I Think Frontier is selling at least Florida and Texas to Century Link. Be on the look out when the stock price starts climbing around 9 to 10 dollars . Deal will be done
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WA and OR layoffs

Frontier notified Local 89 on February 13, 2018 that an ISP offering would go to General Laborers, Senior Construction Techs and Special Services Techs in Washington and Senior Construction Techs in Oregon; a total of 16 people. Frontier has... read more
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CT Fiber Deployment

How much more FTTH are we looking at, hopefully this company can make investments which are needy for upgrades here
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wv contract

heard head person on company side of table got Fired!!
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VSP/Buyout in PA

They were looking for 20 outside technicians in PA. Word is they got 13, 7 people will be laid off.
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Is there a Windstream merger coming ?

Anyone know any rumors about a Windstream merger in the next month? I have heard that both Fronteir and Windstream both filed paperwork with the FCC at the same time and a friend of mine at Windstream said they heard from a reliable source a... read more
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WV update?

Is there any update from WV on negotiations? last heard that contract expires saturday unless an extension has been reached. Stay strong and united, unions need a big victory here against a company that says they're union-friendly but has done... read more
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Strange how the new dispatch system (only in wv) is the same system centrylink uses
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Wisconsin RIFs

ALL of OSP construction is gone, to be replaced with contractors. These guys and gals all have been working 60 hour weeks this year so that Frontier doesn't get hit with CAF2 fines. Merry Christmas! 1/3 of all CO techs are eliminated as well, all... read more
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CT Fiber Deployment

So how’s progress/ what’s the plan? How much of CT might be upgraded
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WV tour change. 8am - 5pm

Way to motivate the techs, work an extra 2.5 hours a week! Forced 1 hour lunch. Thanks Greg Stephens, can’t wait on the blast email saying we should be thankful for the extra unpaid hours we get to be at work instead of being with our family.
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Florida EISP offer

Once again Frontier has declared a surplus in Florida, this time just CST on the chopping block. Offered on 2/14, 2/28 last day
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WV workforce reductions

Word is the company wants to close the Bluefield and Ashburn,VA call centers; and Tammy has verified the company's desire to layoff all surplussed employees hired after 2013. CWA seems resolute to strike on 3/3 to protect those jobs, rejecting... read more
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WV surplus list

Ok, so now were well past 30 days since surplus was declared in WV, has anyone seen a surplus list????? Either the company is in violation of contract or the union is holding back info from its own members!!! Not necessarliy saying the locals, but... read more
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Heard new Mangement RIF in Feb coming.
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Frontier Layoff 2018 notification West Virginia IBEW317

IBEW 317 Just got their first layoff notification today 1/9/2018. Effective 1/15/2018.... Was offered buyout on Dec 15th in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement that was rejected due to the wording of the MOA which, if signed, would have given the... read more
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Director Gone!

Director in WV gone no longer taking calls and last day is jan 5th
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I wish I was among those offered buyouts

I know a lot of people dread this situation, but I truly wish I was among those offered buyouts. I've been planning on leaving Frontier anyhow, so I'd jump at the opportunity. Might even save somebody's job like that. Anybody knows if there will be... read more
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Any word from CT?

CT employees received their 2nd SVSP (isp) offer too, to be off payroll by 12/30. Outside techs look like the targets once again. Heard they have a "no layoff clause" like WV. Is "redeployment" coming, or any other news?
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Retirement offer and layoff

CWA 142 in WV Enchanced ESIP offer just went out tonight be off payroll jan 19th. Heard IBEW in charlestown and romey WV having a layoff
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FL ISP offering

IBEW in FL has also been informed of a surplus and are offering an ISP with 12/28 being last day.
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