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Cut my territory, then PIP

Check this out: Shrunk my territory by 70% (about 6 months ago) Added some c-appy accounts to my list PIP-ed three months later Yep, this works better than RA - there is nothing I can do here. I am on my way out.
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Badges, IBM Nano Degrees and Micro Certificates

Are they worth getting at all? I kind of have a feeling this is all waste of time but wanted to see what other posters here think. I think I heard that at some level (not sure what Band) IBM requires you to have these badges in order to get promoted... read more
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IBM soon to lose the Walgreens Contract

Well, here it is folks, IBM is on the verge of losing the Walgreens contract due to mismanagement of field support staff, just a few week shy of the 1 year anniversary of the contract. IBM will be forced to "find" a replacement field service for... read more
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Repeat after me: nobody is safe

I wish everybody would read this, especially those who consider themselves safe because of their "unique" skills (Jim part of the article.) How Baby Boomers Can Overcome Layoffs, In Light Of The IBM Age Discrimination Lawsuit... read more
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Stockholm Syndrome

The people still harp get it’s a great place to work are clearly showing signs of Stockholm Syndrome. I left after 22 years on my own accord and the sense of release on the day I told my manager was enormous. It’s a perfect storm of poor executive... read more
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NYPD surveillance technology scandal- Is IBM paying the price?

Just that we stopped receiving heat from the public on Watson a publicity disaster like this happens and if the media and the NGOs blow this out of proportion (and they will certainly try to), I think it will deliver another massive blow to IBM’s... read more
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Are the hour cuts limited only to GTS contractors?

Reading on the hour cutting for contractors that begins next week, I see only that the GTS guys are writing posts and saying that they have been already told about this. Are any of the other contractors affected by this reduction?
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Are more cuts ahead of us?

Please note that IBM combined GTS and GBS in 1st q thus making 15k heads redundant (you would think that redundancy should have been worked off by now). ALSO note IBM laid off in 1st q across the board to head off a slow down in system z lifecycle... read more
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Right-sizing Headcount for Efficiency and Profit

The days of IBM being all things to everyone have been abandoned. Cloud go to market marketing strategy will allow IBM to reduce head count 50-60%. It will also allow approx 60% of the remaining heads to be offshore. You can do the math, as to where... read more
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IBM's Patent Strategy

I was involved at patenting at IBM. IBM is very good at picking a focus area and then filing patents on every niche possible. Patent numbers are more important than quality ideas, and the VAST majority of their patents will never be used in any IBM... read more
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IBM Cuts Contractor Hours

Here is the situation, a golden IBM classic: we just got an update that they (VPs) have requested all contractors on our account to cut their hours starting next week. This is to last three weeks. As we have a major deployment in a week, this will... read more
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Fall of IBM

Four bullets: 1) Mgmt is working for mgmt, not shareholders... 2) Margins in all segments are falling. 3) Bureaucracy hampers growth. -- 4) Need to worry about competition from upstarts like Google... Per Mark Cuban: "IBM is no longer a tech company... read more
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TSH employee

IBM's MO has been to have a space of a couple weeks/1.5 month separation between announcing quarterly numbers to the "Street" and next batch of layoffs. Another cruel MO of IBM's to announce the RA's the Thursday before a major US Holiday(Easter 2018... read more
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October is coming

I’ve heard a lot of rumors about what’s going to happen to IBM in October. So far I’ve narrowed it down to one of these 3 things: GBS & GTS merger final, GTS takes the lead and all redundant roles in GBS are laid off GBS is bought by another company... read more
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Is IBM too big to fail?

I know we are seeing a lot of layoffs, but even so, we are still one of the biggest employers in the world. We might not have job security individually, but I think as companies go, we know IBM will be around for a long, long time. Many other... read more
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An Overdue Lunch

Retired from IBM Canada in 2010 at 55yrs with 20 yrs service. Current manager on my last day sent an e-mail asking that I drop off my badge and laptop with a colleague at 3600 Steeles. Not a single thank you or contact from any level of management... read more
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What's our current number?

What's our employee number right now? Wikipedia has us at 380k, but I think we went under that number a while ago by at least 10k. Also, do we know what region has been hit the worst in the past six or seven years since the major culling has started?... read more
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Not sure about all other divisions or departments, but earlier this week areas in IBM Systems just officially had freezes put on: Travel, unless client-related, Capex, and Hire tickets. One could interpret these indicators as forecasting some bad... read more
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