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Layoffs at Intuit, Tucson

"Yes. We announced organization changes that impacted 40 people at our Tucson campus. We have approximately 1000 employees at this site. This was part of a reallocation of resources to invest in growth." I
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We need layoffs

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I firmly believe we need layoffs. However, we need layoffs that will actually help the company by getting rid of unnecessary fat, instead of the ones that get rid of good employees whose only fault is their... read more
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Stealth layoffs still persist

Some things might change at Intuit, but stealth layoffs of seasonal employees remain omnipresent. The company tends to over-hire every single time (how hard is to learn from your own mistakes, really) and then looks for every and any reason to let... read more
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Intuit culture changing for the worse

Intuit culture used to be one of the best things about the company... Now it's becoming one of the worst... I guess they are trying to emulate Amazon... Pushing high demands and long hours, driving people into the ground... Work and life balance is... read more
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Problems wit middle to upper management

While I like working at Intuit, I really have major issues with the company's middle to upper management. The lot of them lacks any knowledge and expertise that is necessary to lead a company like this. Not to mention that the top level of management... read more
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Re-org on Feb

More layoffs and replacements: San Diego and Mountain view site. What are you waiting for?
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Intuit-Recent Layoffs & More to Come

Intuit likes to hire contractors and churn-n-burn them. Your time could be up in 6 weeks, or a few won't know. Recently a whole small team was laid off SAME WEEK with no advance notice. You have been warned...take the position, but keep... read more
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Layoff's happening now

They're laying off but trying to keep it quiet. They are saying you can find a place internally, but there's also a soft hiring freeze... very confusing and seems more to come as the pressure is on management to deliver.
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About a month ago I had two interviews for a position at Intuit over the phone. The first discussion was a phone screen with a recruiter, and the second was a interview with the hiring manager for the position - I really thought our discussion went... read more
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On layoff at INTUIT?

I receive an offer and was told no layoff at Intuit. People can find internal position quickly except these bad performance people. Is that true? Anyone can tell?
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Don't believe the marketing

Intuit lost "it's the people" years ago. There is no work/life balance. If you don't work 80 hours a week, you aren't working and will probably rank Needs Improvement. I don't understand who is voting Intuit a most admired company or great place to... read more
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We received many resumes from Intuit employee

I am a former Intuit employee. Now I am in a better company and we receive many resumes from intuit employee recently. Looks like many people are looking for the new opportunities. I guess bad news will come soon.
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I've worked in the Florida location and here is my experience – IT IS A NUT HOUSE! The management is bunch of crazy folks and there is always some issue with them, certain things don't get done properly, some individual managers are corrupt or just... read more
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Flip flop with a dose of job cuts

Intuit management changes frequently, much faster than the base can absorb - this leaves folks who work here in a constant limbo. Talking about direction changes - this is pretty much constant, deal with it... And there are layoffs in one part of... read more
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Abandon all hope

Have you ever wanted a frustrating job? A job where meaningless marketing junk is your only work? A job where the executives keep telling you how you’re leading the software field in innovation when you’re working with 10-30 year old technology every... read more
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How much RSU Stock did you get?

How much RSU stock did you get as a staff engineer? Last year I got 60k RSU. But my Friend who is in mountain view got 100K RSU.
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Nice on the surface, but rotten inside

Intuit is full of double-faced, smiling, insincere and lying leaders who say they're committed to technology and innovation but have no clue at all about what any of that means. The company has armies of architects who advocate and preach standards... read more
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Leave Intuit and Go Work for the Government

I dont know of many high performing companies that give you full job security. I would go work for the federal gov't if that is what you seek. Although layoffs are rarely a good thing, MANY companies go through this process. In most cases they do so... read more
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Intuit Layoffs?

Who will be cut this year at Intuit? Are any entire departments on the chopping block?
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Politics have begun to run rampant - especially within IT

Intuit recently went through several rounds of a RIF (reduction in force). It's obvious that employees with high tenure were selected - most with 10+ years. Politics have begun to run rampant - especially within IT. The current SVP of IT has created... read more
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Horrible re-org strategy

Horrible re-org strategy which hinders productivity. Company's leaders make bad decisions which forces re-organization with lay offs every year. Too many internal budget cuts just to make wall street happy. No job security as it is almost 100%... read more
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Stupid management

Reorganizations every year leading to lay-offs and selling off divisions. Lots of meeting, red-tape and too much politics. Lots of middle management, and on top of that very few managers are technical! The interesting thing is that the company calls... read more
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Laid off 3 weeks after I started my maternity leave

I was laid off 3 weeks after I started my maternity leave. The reason, as put forth by my manager, was that a business decision was made to eliminate my role. What I learned from this experience is that, while it is illegal to lay off someone because... read more
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