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Salespeople Glorified Cashiers

I am a Appliances Salesperson forced to ring clothing! Sometimes if I see someone with a cart full of clothes I run to the bathroom so I don’t have to ring them. And if I’m in a really sh--ty mood for ‘ll do something nasty. I have put my... read more
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Regarding Sears

New Dress Code

February 1st 2018 we're required to always wear black shirts, and on weekends black pants matching said shirts. I'd really like to know the genius in management that came up with this idea. With the impending layoffs and dismissals coming, I suppose... read more
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Regarding Bed Bath & Beyond

Everyday I'm Hustlin

The fall of GLE from the directors instagram. That’s a great sign to be on a managers desk. Let’s replace our name for lyrics from a rap song. Enough said! "Everyday I'm Hustlin". Great visit at Rocky River and North Olmstead in GLE 08 with... read more

You Will Be Ok!

I was let go 8 months ago. Not a big deal. (And I live paycheck to paycheck with no savings) I've had a dozen jobs in a 20 year career. You guys with 35 years at HP have already ridden gravy train with bisquit wheels. Loyaltu not... read more

Leadership team cleanup

Yes, the 2018 fireworks has just begun. The entire leadership team will be cleaned up now. This seems way, way too good to be true, especially for MetricStream. Any chance that this actually has bases in some concrete info, or is this just wistful... read more

WIll OPS be doing anything now?

Now thatan Ops manager will be in only one location, will they actually be doing any physical work, or still sit in the office all day looking at stats and loading everthing onto the MTMs?

I have an idea!

At&t should acquire T-mobile (the right way) and appoint John Lehrer CEO and chairman of the whole tamale! I can’t think of a better win-win situation. Is this a good idea?
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Regarding AT&T

AP/Opps Salary/Hourly? Wages?

The Ap/Opps jobs that were not filled with displaced Opps. managers started posting internally today. Has anyone heard pay scale info? Hourly/Salary? Based off of store volume? Head count?
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Regarding Macy's Inc.


Any word on cuts to the AST team? I'm wondering if they will hold off on cutting AST jobs so they help the stores transition to not having an HRM in the store and to start using askHR. Not having HRM's in the store is going to be tough on employee... read more

All the changes

All the changes, brought from another thread. Thanks so much for compiling this. OPS & AP (Loss Prevention) have been combined. All MSOs placed in a store, APMs can apply for remaining AP/OPs Mgr. position in remaining stores. DODs &... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 1/7/2018

No major layoffs this past week reported. Total for FY18 stands at 7,275 and since 6/1/2016 at 17,275. Major concerns about more layoff remain: still hundreds of millions left in the FY18 restricting reserve, and Austin, TX facility opening in fill... read more
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Regarding Oracle Corp.

Incoming layoffs at JPMorgan

Lots of layoffs in 2018! Care to elaborate? I've seen similar posts in several threads on this board, but none of them give any actual info or sources, which makes them seem like alarmist trolling more than anything else. Is there any actual info you... read more

How’s the ‘fixer-upper’ turning out?

Many analyst deemed the acquisition of (WFM by AMZN) as a ‘fixer-upper’ Some even deemed AMZN’s acquisition to that of an ‘expensive toy’ valued at just under $14b. Just how well is this going post a very busy holiday season. Or is this heading in... read more

Company Profit Sharing

Jet Blue giving out 21 million dollars of bonuses to their employees . Excluding EVPs and CEO . With all the cuts Altice have made and the benefit of Trumps tax cuts, Altice should think about showing the same gratitude towards their employees.

140 not closing?

With all the store closures announced none where the 140 ring fencers. Wondering what that means...
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Regarding Sears

Well this page is mostly people complaining about how bad Sears most of the time instead of commenting about up coming layoffs but here is the chance to change this. All Kmart store managers will be in meetings on Tuesday with layoffs happening... read more
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Regarding Sears

Offered job

If we are offered one of the new jobs but we don't like the pay and decline we're out the package? Is that the understanding? Basically my options are just take the package which is minimum 13 weeks of pay and 3 months of cobra or risk being offered... read more


So.....if we are a salaried manager and go out on MLOA before they make us sign this package paperwork are we still covered and paid salary for 6 months? Those currently out on MLOA are they going to lose being paid for the duration? Lose out on... read more

Here's some dirt...

Some of you may already know this info but I got word from someone with more 0's in their paycheck than me. Furniture stores doing under $15m will no longer have a Store Manager. A senior lead sales manager position will be created and everyone will... read more

Oil making a come-back

Oil price well into the sixties and projected to end the year in 80's. Chevron stock is close to all time highs. We will see many new highs throughout this year. Perhaps 160 by the end of this year? Thats a very modest expectation. Oil companies are... read more

District Merchant Cuts?

Has anyone heard if there will be any cuts to the District Merchants or the RMDs? It seems they are the only ones left untouched

Honeywell Restroom Policy/Processes

One big problem I found after separation from Honeywell is that nobody cared (so much, anymore) about my restroom habits. Our manager informed us in a group meeting that an AZ (Tucson) facility had advanced concern about employee restroom visits that... read more

Monday 8th January UK DXC CR’s

It all begins tomorrow. Have a solid heads up from two people who are most definitely in the know. Practically every single team is in scope. Managers behind the scenes have done the scoring and deadline to pass this to HR was yesterday.

So Tired

So Tired of the ineptitude of our senior management. This "change" has gone on for over six years and we are worse off than we first started. We will lose about 800K autos in 2017 year while GEICO and Progressive grows by over 2M a piece. Our rates... read more


Members don’t wanna use this scan n go or oself check. If they can check themselves out why can’t the lazy asses bring in a f---ing shopping cart 🛒, instead they would rather wIt 15 minutes. They need to have a system like Aldis now that’s a... read more
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Regarding Sam's Club

BK stock sale means layoffs

There has been lots of whining when BK legally sold his stock as part of fair compensation but what does it really mean to the serfs toiling in the fields at intel. It’s simple, layoffs and beatings will continue until morale improves, now get back... read more

Oh, Eddie...why must you do this to us?

I am a part of the 39 Sears stores that are closing. You have not seen how well our store works, and we make money. We worked so hard FOR YOU and this is the thanks we get? We sacrificed our holidays and sacrificed the chances of a pay raise or... read more

H1B Visa Abuse - Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant

Walmart ISD is in bed with companies like Infosys, Cognizant and Wipro for the sole purpose of bringing in lower cost labor to undercut American workers. You don't have to read very far into these stories to see what's going on. Note the details of... read more

Personal advice

I work in a department. We had a meeting on Tuesday that stated that our department would have backflow help from another department in a different state. Our group is training them this next week. Did we just train our replacements? Did any other... read more

Hey moderator

You need to delete the four posts below. They're all spams. The first two posts are rehashes of previous posts, just different links of the same piece of old news The next two posts have nothing to do with Intel layoffs Do you run your business on... read more


The CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, announced earlier this month that they will be closing the doors at half their stores as of February 2018. The discount retail chain has been going down hill due to much competition and not being able to purchase... read more

And so it begins.....

I'm a MSO who has been named as the future AP/OPS Manager for one of my stores where they don't have a AP Manager since the job has been open for two months. I received a call from one of the detectives looking for direction about an altercation... read more

H1 B visas in tech companies

As long as more than 50 percent or more grad ( MS and PhD) students in US universities in STEM subjects are international ( read Indian and Chinese), US tech companies will have to depend on H1 B visas. There is no other choice, whether you like it... read more

H1 B visas in tech companies

As long as more than 50 percent or more students in US universities in STEM subjects are international ( read Indian and Chinese), US tech companies will have to depend on H1 B visas. There is no other choice, whether you like it or not

Former Audit Leads

Doing a resume but having trouble wording everything we did. Anyone out there want to share how they described our old job???

Signet Layoffs

How can a company layoff so many and continue to post for open positions? What about calling back some displaced employees? This company has "laid off" or forced retirement of its' tenured employee's while building the appearance of the company... read more


Does anyone know if there is a way for ex employees (laid off in August) to access our w 2 online??


All kmart store managers have been summoned to the annual firing squad on Tuesday. Anyone know what exactly whats going to happen this year. No b---s--- just the facts.
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Regarding Sears


Off site market manager only meeting this week...

Holiday online sales 2018

Funny, Amazon dominated 89 % online sales this season WMT ecommerce “distant second” 4.4% /
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Regarding Walmart

Suspense is killing me

When is the meeting or the big conference call? Alot of things have came true off this site.. people's lives and family's are in air waiting... anyone want to share information?

Small Format Kmart?

We know that Eddie and the gang are bragging about the smaller Sears format stores. Does anyone think they could try a smaller format Kmart prototype?

Stock incentive to work harder

I’ve read stuff here for few months before act. Humorous place to be. You can take either side on this ceo selling... but one things for sure since stock grants are supposed to motivate and reward employees I don’t think it can be said that dumping... read more

Texas call center layoffs?

Anyone know about any upcoming layoffs for NCT's? I have 25 years' seniority at a tech call center in Irving.
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Regarding AT&T

Exec buyouts at Walmart

Anyone hear of their exec getting a buyout? My VP just accepted a huge buyout a few weeks ago.
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Regarding Walmart


There are at least three Kmarts in the North East region not announced but will be next week. Also all full time associates will be cut to part time or they can take a severence package. Assistant manager positions will be eliminated as well with... read more


Get ready there going to be releasing more info/changes on Monday! Cvs posted sh--ty FS earnings. While Walgreens posted 9% increases in FS. Walgreens kicked our butts.
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Regarding CVS

Staples Canada CEO replaced.

Canada Retail fired their CEO Thursday and has been replaced by a Banking Exec / former Loblaw Exec (must be buddies with the Chairman). Can't trust Sycamore, "we will let you run your business the way it is", "we're hands off". BS

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