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IS&GS Sale Announcement

Has anybody heard the rumor that Lockheed is selling the IS&GS Division with the sale announcement coming the week of July 20, 2015 ?
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Dependence on military contracts

So who in the top leadership did not see this coming for years.... that such a high dependence on military contracts for the company's existence and profitability (about 80%, and likely more of its gross revenue) is NOT a good business model..... I... read more
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Lockheed Martin Job Cuts Due to Pentagon Budget Cuts

Having been in the defense industry for the past two decades, we have emerged as the leading weapons and security company in the sector. With the U.S. defense department as our client, we had to lay off 4000 employees in 2013, in light of the budget... read more
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Space Systems Move to Denver 2015

We are moving from Newtown, PA to Denver, Space Systems move. 1000 people will be laid off. This should be completed in 2015, some folks have already been let go.
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Orion program layoffs

Any updates on Houston Orion program layoffs? Those people are useless and a waste of money, they ought to let the rest of them go. The ones left either so called work from home or work barely 5 hours a day. Biggest waste of workers in Houston I've... read more
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Fort Worth Layoff: My 3rd since 2012.

Not including the strike for 10 weeks in 201. Too many schedule slips and manufacturing issues to count, supplier problems, upgrade and customer induced refit jobs. If you work at Lockheed in Fort Worth, you can only hope the ramp-up will start to... read more
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Stack Ranking System

What are your thoughts on Stack Ranking System, it seems that everyone hates it
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2015 Morale Boosting Plan

Our employee morale here at Lockheed is at an all time low due to many years of layoffs, trimming, AMDR contract loss, and steady but significant erosion of employee benefits. Don't get me wrong, I get that we have to make personal sacrifices to stay... read more
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LM - Newtown, PA Layoffs (2014)

60 folks were let go a couple of months ago (Newtown, Pa - Bucks County) - I do not have additional details but I believe the facility was closed. I think we had a fairly good year, 2014 was not bad at all. However, if the economy stalls in 2015 and... read more
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What do you think now?
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Lockheed Sunnyvale

To be closed by 2020, probably sooner than that
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So, what 2015 brings

Goodyear will transfer in phases to Littleton and Valley Forge, some of this has been completed, more will follow in 2015.. Also, additional cuts in Newtown, Akron, Horizon City and smaller cuts down in Sunnyvale.
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Moorestown Layoffs

There was some talk about layoffs (Moorestown) last year. Anyone has more info here?
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Lock-Mart Cuts 2014

If you are still here you should be worried, go find a decent job at a decent company, Lock-Mart pays peanuts and treats us all as slaves
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2015 Layoffs in Plans Already?

I heard that there are plans about massive reorg in 2015 that will result in many 1000s laid off. Anybody has more info?
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Experience of an Ex-LMC senior level engineer

While independent experience may differ, I fully agree with all that has been said here. Having worked there for several years as a senior-level engineer, I have learnt a few things, and this information is in consensus with the views of my other... read more
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Constant Layoffs at Lockheed Martin (2014 and before)

I am an engineer so the issues I am reporting might be a bit different – Lockheed is a huge company and different people have different experiences, some people love it, some people hate it – it’s hard to give a singular view into what our company... read more
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List of locations with Layoffs in 2013 and 2014

There you go - Lockheed's been busy letting go, here is the list of locations that had at least one person laid off over last two years: Archbald, Cherry Hill, King of Prussia, Newtown, Owego, Syracuse, Baltimore, Hampton, Herndon, Rockville... read more
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Lockheed Severance Pay

Can someone let me know what is our Severance Pay Policy - I've been with Lockheed for about 2 years and our plant may close w/in next 18 months.
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Salina - Deferred Layoffs and Transfers

Salina and transfer its 1,700 employees Do you know what is the current pla for our campus at Electronics Park in Salina. The last I heard is that Marillyn Hewson was planning to move it - most of the folks would get relocation packages - Things... read more
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Lockheed Martin layoffs 2015

It seems to me that we'll have major cuts in 2015, it's kind of every other year, 2013 saw big cuts, we'll slow down in 2014, and then Lockheed will cut again in 2015. Lust saying...
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Downsizing Lockheed Martin San Antonio (2014)

Up to 40 people will be let go at our Kelly Aviation Center, we have around 250 people here so, it's a good chunk a such a horrible way to start this year. Boeing is having issues too, I think they will let go few thousands - never know what's gonna... read more
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Downsing Lockheed Martin San Antonio (2014)

Up to 40 people will be let go Kelly Aviation Center, we have around 250 people here so, it's a good chunk a such a horrible way to start this year. Boeing is having issues too, I think they will let go few thousands - never know what's gonna hit... read more
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2014 Downsizing - Started with a bang

Things continue to be bad, we had another round of layoffs last week, poorly handled, some outstanding resources were pushed out
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Mitchell Field

Things are getting worse every day
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Downsizing at Lockheed - something inevitable?

Here at Lockheed we are so dependent on contract that it's almost impossible to figure out what businesses will be around in medium to long term. The government sector jobs are secure but if you work for gov on a contract that's something completely... read more
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Also - very static. Job and atmosphere is typically very boring. We have limited incentive to work hard (or work at all) as both raises and promos are mostly given based on how long your have been Lockheed. A lot of bureaucracy, heavy process and... read more
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Moorestown, NJ - Downsizing and Employee Morale

Not a good place to work at right now - used to be much better. Lockheed has very limited opportunities for growth - overall, the workforce is shrinking and the job opportunities limited, it's hard to move up and laterally - your progress will be... read more
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Lockheed-Martin Layoffs This Year

I've had a chance to talk with a fairly senior person in our corporate office a few days ago - she told me that we have challenges in many areas and that pricing pressures and government induced changes will cause some business to slow down. She also... read more
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Gyrocam in Sarasota

50 of us were let go last year... Gyrocam used o be a good company but Lockheed managed to kill it...
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Space-systems Newtown, Pa

big hit, newton is closing... some closures in space / california... 4000 or more people. 2014 will se at least 10000 people leave the company
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Another RIF

And you thought things cannot get worse - we'll Lockheed never cease to surprise - ANOTHER ROUND OF LAYOFFS STARTS FRIDAY
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