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How many people is this?

Can anybody venture a guess at how many people constitute $80 million to $90 million in severance payments? McDonald's just announced that will be the charge in the current quarter for the restructuring, and it's the first indicator we have of how... read more
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Why is Kempczinski quiet on the headcount reduction numbers?

Now, we do not even know how much will be cut. Everyone is anxious. I know he announced it to help with the stock price - he wants the street to perceive us as more profitable with less cost but do you think that he should have thought how employees... read more
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McDonald's layoffs June 2018

So, now that we know more layoffs are coming to McDonald's corporate (something exactly nobody is shocked about), let the speculation begin on how many, when exactly, and what departments. Frankly, I hate it when we find out about layoffs ahead of... read more
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McDonald's renegs on wage hike...

For those of you who still don't know that corporations straight up lie, especially about wages and employment, here you go. McDonald's tried to quietly reneg on their public promise to raise wages... read more
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McDonald's posting fake job openings

I saw people say that their company is posting fake job openings and it made a connection for me I had not figured out previously. I'm a McDonald's manager and we too have a constant help wanted ad, even though we are not in need of any help. It's... read more
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Reorg 2018

Any updates on the reorg in the corporate office. Phase share any info you may have - there are rumors floating around but I am not sure how realistic they are.
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Zero customer service skills

I’m all about customer service at Mcdonald’s. If you provide excellent service, then chances are you’ll get repeat business. I have a shift manager in my store that I swear doesn’t have an ounce of professionalism. I’ve caught her yelling at our... read more
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Lousy management

I know working at McDonald’s is a mixed bag, but my experience is in the not so good variety. The management team at my location never heard the ‘lead by example’ phrase. Most seem more concerned with who is seeing who or other latest gossip. Crew... read more
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Has The Big Mac Sauce Secret Finally Been Revealed?

Today on K-LOVE, A caller called in who used to work at a McDonald's and revealed that when their store had run out of the big Mac sauce, they went to the grocery store and had gotten thousand Island salad dressing as a substitute!
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Project Atlas - Streamline McDonald's globally?

Outsourcing, layoffs, and moving corporate to Chicago is NOT your answer....It's your products. Get a better beef supplier, make more options, bring back create your taste!
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Using tablets to reduce labor

Like Wendy's, threatening to reduce workers if the min wage increases, but they'll reduce workers anyway. Already doing it at WaWa.
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Headquarter Move

Sad to see McDonald's leave such a beautiful campus, and wonder area. If they are encouraged due to a tax break from the Mayor, whose going to be taking up the slack ? It's us that live and pay taxes in cook country. If McDonald's is leaving because... read more
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McDonalds Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of McDonalds layoffs in Oak Brook in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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McDonald's Layoffs - Legal Department

17 folks were laid off in McDonalds legal department. The Legal Worker's Comp team was eliminated, managing counsel and senior counsel, paralegals and admins ffrom other teams were also eliminated.
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Oak Brook Layoffs

Do we have any updates on downloadbesttorrentblog.rus that the media has been reporting about
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There is another round coming soon

Layoffs have already started...Lots of HR layoffs for admins, etc......last week.....and there is another round coming soon......
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2015 layoffs at McDonald's Corporate office

Do you know if a reorg is planned for 2015 and if there will be layoffs of people who work at McDonald's Corporate office? I heard that going into Q2 there might a bigger reorg in works and that some people may be redundant and will be let go
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60+ employees at corporate headquarters let go

More to come in Q2 and Q3 - McDonald's trying to improve profit margins and the easier way to do this is to cut jobs. On top of this, there will be a hiring freeze, so we'll have to do more with less resources available.
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Same-store sales continue to drop

Can we sustain such a big corporate machine if our stores are not making more money? It seems to me that we are hiring managers to manage managers who are in charge of managers. Seriously, how much layers of approvals do we meed in Corporate?
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Severance Pay

What's a typical severance package in Corporate IT?
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More and more contractors

Anybody noticed that we do not hire as much as we did before, it looks like all new folks are contractors?
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McDonald's IT Department Layoffs 2014

There is no layoffs as of now but I heard that the IT department might be reorganizing in Q3 - you know what that means at McDonald's? It'll lead to redundancies, and later on layoffs. So be ready, brush up the resume. Things are very secretive... read more
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mcdonald's layoffs 2014

I hear that we are preparing cuts in Marketing and IT. McDonald's has done similar things in the past, I would not be surprised if this was to repeat. Several people I know confirmed this. Our IT group is huge and there is a ton of well paid people... read more
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