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Nobody is safe

Appreciate the employees who are still trusting the company. But remember guys, MetricStream terminated people who worked for 10-15 years and whom people used to call them as strong pillers of MetricStream, if you still think you are safe then no one... read more
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Watch the guys being kicked OUT

The new CEO is making the chess moves typical of the steps that goes to cleaning the old leadership team. Watch the guys being kicked OUT one by one or all together shortly! The V's, A, the 2 G's will depart very soon tired of the stress they have to... read more
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I wounder why people are not quitting still

MetricStream started getting new customers? Earlier days some good customers refer MetricStream GRC to other companies. All good MetricStream customers are referred by one or other customers. Because they don’t know quality of MetricStream products... read more
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Leadership team cleanup

Yes, the 2018 fireworks has just begun. The entire leadership team will be cleaned up now. This seems way, way too good to be true, especially for MetricStream. Any chance that this actually has bases in some concrete info, or is this just wistful... read more
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MetricStream CEO quits

The LinkedIn suggests that the MetricStream CEO Shellye has quit as the her tenure shows up as Jan 2003 to Jan 2018 ? What a new year gift to company! Looks like they are going to get acquired soon.
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Bring young management to recover from the situation

Send Not just CTO, send all worst VPs, head of platform and AppStudio - what are these old guys still doing MSI? management should understand they are loosing project not because of employees, it is because of the worst vision and strategy that... read more
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At least 700 to be cut by mid August

Next layoffs are Not in September, the target is to bring down employee count to 700-800 by mid of august. So one more layoffs, don't wait if your rating in last appraisal is less than 4. If you want to wait to take my comments seriously then mid of... read more
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Pathetic R&D group

I was working in R&D group of Metricstream for more than 4 years, I recently quit,I have no vested intrests, but wanted to share my opinion thinking it might help others and the company.If you want work with out any accountability please join R&D... read more
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September another Layoff - Don't miss :)

MetricStreamers, another layoff is coming. Please look out for the job. First time after April layoff there were rumors that another layoff in September 2017. MetricStream Chairman and CEO called for all hands and said no more layoffs and April 2017... read more
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My Honest Opinion...!!!

Metricstream - Disgusting Culture, Fraud Top Management, Sick Thought Process and Worst company ever worked for. It is an UNLISTED INDIAN company which markets itself as US based MNC. No annual report published anywhere and hence you don’t come to... read more
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Winter is coming...

Hehe. I too have worked for MS for 1 year & i was asked to leave without any reason. I even talked with Head of my BU but they warned me that if you want to know the reason behind mass culling we will give very bad remarks on your service letter. So... read more
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Forced to Resign

Seriously ridiculous ...I joined as a fresher in Metricstream and it was the biggest mistake of my life ..After 10 months i got call from HR and she said you haven't reach our expectation so you have to resign .. Ohh seriously??? When i was working... read more
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No logic or no brain used by management for firing

First message to employees still with MetricStream.....move out in next three months otherwise you will be in the carogiry of people who are writing reviewes. If you have completed 5 years or 10 years you should go out immediately, if you don't then... read more
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Not so uncalled for.

Business model is going to get changed, so they do not need many people. Severance is fair and many are getting placed as partners. Count is approx. 130 this time (June). They let people go not based on performance but based on higher pay package... read more
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They are about sell the company

I was laid off . My boss survived. But my boss's boss was laid off too. It seems clear to me that top management has managed to fool some prospective buyer, who must have asked MetricStream to clean and lean the headcount. Obviously the number of... read more
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I was laid off but it not terrible

I been laid off before. Compared that it was decent process. mgmt explained the reasons gave me couple of months garden leave I can use time to find another job and I still getting paid. I can find job in less time than that I don't see the problem... read more
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Third Day of Slaughter House (MetricStream)

The days are over when people had such an integrity that if a rail accident happens, the Prime Minister resigns taking all the accountability on themselves. In today's world, the big fish just blames the small fish for not being efficient. Nobody... read more
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Third Day of Slaughter House

Today is the third and hopefully the last day for MetriStream layoffs. We have lost our friends our mentors and ours bosses . This wave dint differentiate for any post, expertise or level. Everybody suffered and today again we are here . We know... read more
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