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F--- nov

Nov can s--- a fat one, i hated it everyday working for a dumb--s boss that didnt give a sh-- about us f--- nov and the management
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Advice on certifications

Was up everyone just wanted to ask if any of you know where i may take classes to get certified in CNC, Welding, or Electrician without taking any prerequisites or basics and go in straight to training. Thank you if y'all can give info on each.
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So where did you go?

I guess most readings here left NOV or are thinking of leaving. Which job did you go to and when did you leave? I myself left in 2016. Went back to being an IT consultant still working in the oil industry. Very happy with my choice, but I still miss... read more
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Bilko out

How can we keep our jobs if this clown is ruining the gaff
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Brace for future RIF

Get ready. Announcement will be made shortly. Due to the turmoil still in the industry and chaotic forecast. Restructuring is on the horizon. This Friday is the beginning of the end.
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PCG done for

Brace yourselves for another big round guys. More layoffs coming by the end of the year. It's sad that this location literally has no talent left. All that remains are either managers or the little guys that make lesser money that they kept. This is... read more
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Bammel layoffs today

Sheriff in the lobby and managers lurking in the greeting area. Not a good sign,
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NOV Automation - It's coming and there will jobs lost

Not sure if you can see the full article, but here is the coverage on what NOV expects as it relates to automation and how it will streamline processes and cut costs. Every time executives start talking about 'automation' you should read it as 'job... read more
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What will happen if bilko gets sacked for employing his mates and spending tens of thousands of pounds on agency workers that have mostly been on training
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Greengate, Manchester..

Another BILKO's bum chum has got a managers job. As if we haven't got enough clueless managers. Too many chiefs. What a joke. Wonder why NOV Is dire straits. Come on shiny pants get it sorted..
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What to think of rehiring?

We are rehiring and the division boss is showing our numbers are exceeding expectations but still don't want to give us a raise. I don't have a major in business and i do understand that our offshore market is still not recovered but why are we... read more
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Why Millennials are Snubbing Jobs in the Oil Industry

"Millennials' conception of the oil industry means that it may struggle to find workers — and customers — in the future. McKinsey found that 14% of millennials say they would not want to work in the oil and gas industry because of its negative image... read more
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Goodbye Houston and NOV

Well I have been following this board to see if NOV will / was recovering from the oil crash. It was in my mind that maybe I would like to reapply and move to Houston in the future. Those thoughts can be put to rest now. I would never in a million... read more
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Wash away the stupidity!

I hope nobody gets hurt, buy maybe all the rain will wash away all of the stupid decisions corporate makes!!!
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Happy Friday

I just realized the truck is drilling the land well on our laptop lock screens, not the rig! Nice one marketing
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NOV management makes the Tv.

One of the morning shows was showing a list if the worst run companies in the US, NOV was listed as one of the worst run!! Nothing employees didn't already know. NOV is a national joke!!!
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Cost vs number of people in layoffs

Cost is much more relevant than number of people. If 10% is a number than it will likely be total cost or payroll cost. So you can lay off quantity 5 $60,000 employees or one manager being grossly overpaid at $300,000. NOV hasn't been very effective... read more
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One more cut before the end of summer?

Analyzing the situation and climate of our industry suggest that indeed there are signs pointing towards more reduction before the summer ends.
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Burkburnett facility

Any word on the Burkburnett facility? Are they still hiring cause I have thought about applying.
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NOV is taking away Offshore Trucks

Bammel Office is taking away Offshore Techs trucks by the end of Aug 2017. A DE manager took the upgraded bumpers and brush guard from a DE supervisor old truck and he was given a new truck to keep. They also used DE Techs to do all the work. 4 DE... read more
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Any news on creekmont? Just asking for a friend lol.
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Hey guys we hearing rumours over here regards Elmar?....any info on that?
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More layoffs incoming?

It seems that National Oilwell Varco is gearing for more layoffs... Not sure when, but this makes it pretty clear that the last round achieved what they wanted it to, so I am guessing they will not be shying away from more... read more
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what happened to the n.o.v. plant in Oklahoma city ?
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NOV Lifting & Handling Group

So now that they have closed our facility down in Covington and laid everyone off what going to happen to the SOB's in Houston and the AmClyde and Unit product line????
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