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Nielsen Leadership Guide

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Save your job - start a union

The grass isn't greener elsewhere. Every company is pulling this crap now. They are booting out invaluable employees for short term gains while sending the company down the gutter in the long term. Your boss won't save you or your position. Organize... read more
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June 2018

More redundancy - this company is going down the pan. IRI are winning big in USA and Nielsen are too expensive for most only the very large companies can afford them. Its all about cost cutting and strategy is very weak - layer upon layer of... read more
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Global cull of colleagues

Big number of people losing their jobs globally. In western Europe many good and very experienced people losing their jobs to pay for the mismanagement of those at the top in the US. Seems like the company is run to make share holders and the short... read more
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Layoffs have been occurring at Nielsen consistently at the end of every quarter since 2015. US Buy hasn’t bounced back and they need funds to move forward with the connected system. This means cutting jobs and salaries, replacing what they have with... read more
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'ad hoc' and 'custom analytics' layoffs

From what I heard from former colleagues, is that most recent round of Layoffs (excluding the already announced Watch layoffs in Tampa) focused on the 'ad hoc' and 'custom analytics' side of Nielsen. Long tenured employees with higher titles were let... read more
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More info on layoffs

From what I heard from former colleagues, is that most recent round of Layoffs (excluding the already announced Watch layoffs in Tampa) focused on the 'ad hoc' and 'custom analytics' side of Nielsen. Long tenured employees with higher titles were let... read more
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This week's layoffs

Anybody knows any details about layoffs that took place at Nielsen this week? I've heard several people were let go, but I can't seem to find any info on who or at least where. Also, are we looking at more layoffs in the following weeks or was that... read more
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Summer Layoffs

Sounds like there are going to be Layoffs in the next few weeks. Anyone hear of a specific number?
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Healthcare costs?

Did anyone else laid off incur high healthcare costs (either for you, spouse, or dependent) in the last year or so? I didn’t think anything of it, but conveniently I also just got hit with an audit to verify my dependent(s) during my continuation... read more
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Fire and Hire?

The department I work in is scheduling interviews for people with the same skills that people just let go have. Looks like another situation of laying off older workers to be replaced with younger and cheaper.
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Major layoffs at Nielsen

In case somebody missed it, Nielsen is laying off over 700 employees in May and June. Oldsmar and North Venice are being hit. A few of the lucky ones from those locations are getting transferred, but the rest will be shown the door. I don't... read more
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Nielsen Layoffs 2018

You can never tell if layoffs are planned, but if HR has too many meetings with closed doors you got to be freaked out. I am in NYC.
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New TATA contract will create more layoffs

TATA Consulting Services Is Signing a New Long-term Contract with Nielsen to Takeover all Information Technology and Development using a new Model that Requirements are handed off and TATA will Deliver to the Requirement Specification. Most On-Shore... read more
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Nielsen Layoffs Severance Payments

Hello - do you have more info about any plans to change severance payments for the US based employees. If yes, do you know what the new severance play would be and who may be affected. I know that in Europe they have different laws and that if laid... read more
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Heard 400+ more layoffs

Got it on good information that this is going down...largely already occurred this month. Lots of long timers, so it looks like they're gunning for salaries. Crappy severance being given this go around.
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First Layoffs

New Management came in and anyone that had been there for any length of time 5 years or more was let go. At first there were a lot of people until it hit the papers then since then it is still going coach them up or coach them out. They took very... read more
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Worked like a dog then put down like one two

All I know is I worked for them for a year. I covered an area of over 100 miles in all directions from my home. I carried the entire thing by myself for a year then they hired 4 young guys and let me go. Be advised if let go for any reason, READ YOUR... read more
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Part time aways

Close to a year ago i turned in my resignation letter into Nielsen. I was a supervisor in the inbound dep for Scarborough. What i thought was a great company that was very friendly, it did have a revolving door on employees and was hard at times... read more
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Nielsen Layoffs 2017

Does someone have reliable info on possible cuts and layoffs in NYC.
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Redundancy in Australia

I was made redundant along with all the Retail Auditing employees in Australia about 2 years ago. We were given 3 months notice, linked up to a HR company to have resumes drawn up and all financial obligations were met by the company. I worked for... read more
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No loyalty

Lead one of the most significant buy programs successfully and the was laid off. Management has no sense of loyalty to folks who deliver.
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Nielsen survirval guide

Make sure you get on the right side of your manager, and you might survive in Nielsen. Otherwise, you are expendable. If the company wrongs, do not engage. Do not mention it. They don't like the wiseguys, you might get fired for it. Get used to... read more
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Just sticks, no carrots

Even though the start pay here is more than decent, everything after that in Nielsen just s---s. They will work you to the point you forget what "personal time" means, you will work with a constant sward over your head, and if you are lucky, they... read more
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Nielsen Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Nielsen layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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