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Seagate HAMR Up or Layoff?

Heard rumor that if we can not launch HAMR by end of this year. then the team will be affected by layoff. Any people heard similar rumor? Hope that's not true.
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Sept 14

The list is ready. Sorry folks. Good luck.
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Word around our site is that a hotshot named Beresford from the Fremont facility will be taking over Re's position as CTO and will be ushering in numerous new-technology platforms which will stabilize the company's product portfolio and bring... read more
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BCG audit

Going on at Bay Area, next stop long mont, after audit expect huge lay offs. They are infamous for recommending huge lay offs
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Survived yet another layoff

Either the company is stupid or they are very smart. Who in their right mind runs a business this way? Whenever they need to show profit they just layoff hundreds of people! So, people have become their greatest commodity? Focus on people, remember?
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Big RIF being planned; aimed to hit the worker bees in a few days. SSDC, Shk and LCO all impacted. This one will leave a big crater on the NASDAQ for sure, mates.
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RIF Poor EDS Mgmt

Few things you could see coming in future The focal hike for EDS team reduced by 50% Bangalore site to be shutdown (mostly RSS & OSS teams here) Few guys from Pune could be part of this (Aug-Sept-Oct) RIF Shuffling of teams likely in Pune/US... read more
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Layoff at SRC penang?

I heard there is downsize the management in SRC penang ... look like a lost waste management over there...
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Layoffs coming up in Seagate US and Bangalore

Did not believe earlier, we are working day and night to deliver releases to customers…but heard it is true.It is going to be massive…many numbers in US and shutting shop in Bangalore.Seagate will go down in history as the first company to fail in... read more
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People making almost double in same role

Is this common? I know we aren't supposed to know our coworkers pay, but almost double??? Really? Been here almost 10 yrs and thinking it's time to quit just to get a raise... Performance isn't the issue... Consistently receive 4s and 5s on reviews... read more
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Focal increase

92 hours profit share plus 5.2% focal increase
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This will not end soon

We'll have to wait a couple more years before this farce is completely up I think. I'd love a layoff pack and then get a better job. I'd have to fight rampant age discrimination in hiring practices, but I bet I could get something comparable within 3... read more
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Seagate layoffs in August

Are we looking at more layoffs in August as several people here said or has that been debunked? I've heard some comments to that effect at the office as well, so I'm inclined to believe the rumors this time. However, with so little detail available... read more
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Seagate MAMR Reaction

I look forward to Seagate's response to the WD MAMR news. I look forward to their explanation of why MAMR will never work, but HAMR will. I look forward to their detailed analyses of why MAMR is not cost effective to manufacture, but HAMR is. I look... read more
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Will MAMR save WD?

No new news from WetDurdCorp. Seems like the MAMR announcement was orchestrated to preempt the good financial news they knew was coming from Seagate. Perhaps to divert attention from the WD/Toshiba ordeal and the poor business acumen at WD head... read more
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My groups numbers have dropped over 50%

My groups numbers have dropped over 50% since the first big layoff. The latest verp set the age at 55 and decreased the kicker to 50k. We have one new guy. He’s great at what but we lost a lot of experience and knowledge to and people... read more
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Experienced employees leaving for greener pastures

Looks like older employees with most experience are no longer waiting to be cut by Seagate. They are finding better jobs and leaving on their own. We lost two of our best workers within two weeks of each other because they were tired of their... read more
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No loyalty. The way Seagate wants it. A rap for you.

Mercenary BABY! And that means no mercy either. We can walk away with zero notice and a fist full of job offers ANY DAY. Haha. Many gone left, but some still are waiting for that severance pay. Yeah, it ain't 2008 and nobody needs to hang on for dear... read more
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VEEP offer

On Monday Seagate offered its older high level people a Voluntary Early Exit Program to consider.
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Dothill lay off in August?

Heard seagate let go majority of the dothill employees in Sugust or Deotember, especially eliminate all H1Bs.
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This is self inflicted

When you lay off all the older workers who have knowledge and experience and replace them with wet behind the ears millennials who have no desire to stay at the same company once they have learned all they can, what do you expect will happen to the... read more
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Dothill lay off

It seems will completely disappear in few months.
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Layoffs In Longmont?

I heard there were layoffs in Longmont, CO before the July 4th holiday. Anybody have an update?
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US China Trade War and Seagate

So far, it seems that no one is backing down on the US China trade war. If things continue on this path, is there any chance that parts and/or drive shipments in and out of China will be affected? Yeah, I know Seagate is an "Irish" company and... read more
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Most employees are very unhappy here. No raises or promotions for anyone ever is pretty demoralizing. I've been at the company 5+years and I don't know a single employee who has been promoted during that time. Seagate has become a very poor company... read more
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Layoffs this week?

Heard there were going to be layoffs this week. Can anyone confirm?
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Seagate missed its chance

I worked at Seagate 28 years and it had it's ups and downs as any industry does when it has such a rapid turnover of products due to their short production times. Overall, I think the quality of people I worked with was exceptional, the morale was... read more
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Dothill lay off

Dothill lay off finalized. Announcement in August.
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OKC after 6/30/18

Since IT was let go, as well as OM/AM and now they will let go call center, the people left behind will be minimal.. my comom sense tells me they will shift these jobs to another location.. anyone has info on this?
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