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Done Deal?

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Sprint will disappear

Sprint will continue to layoff as T-Mobile and Sprint wait for an answer from the feds. If it goes though Sprint will probaley be gone in a couple of years and the Sprint name on the front door of there campus probaley will disappear completey turned... read more
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Sprint>Nextel=BAD T-Mobile>Sprint=BAD both = massive layoffs

This is insane, Sprint merged with Nextel and that cause a 35 Billion loss and 35 Billion tax write off and 30 thousand employees were laid off. And now this merger with T-Mobile. Well the tables have turned. Now it will be Sprint to take the massive... read more
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Marcelo says RIF will not impact sales!

I was approached by Sprint in an endeavor to start a business team in my state. I was reluctant at first but thought it could work and was impressed by Masoyoshi Son and thought the company could head in the right direction so I made the move from a... read more
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Layoffs to start as early as next week

It’s unrealistic to think that nobody loses their job when two companies this big combine. Joe Meyer announced job cuts to begin next week, starting with the Re-purposing if 10 employees from Wireline to Wireless. This was just a start.
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We'll pay for the merger

Who here wants to bet that most if not all consolidation layoffs will be on our side? We all know major layoffs are coming, but one company will end up with the short end of the stick, and with our management the way it is, I can bet you right now... read more
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"Merger" !! what does it mean to a employee like us?

Sprint and T-Mobile are likely to announce their merger(This time for Real), What does this mean for a software developer like us in Overland Park ? will this Immediately affect the Jobs ? Will there be more cuts?
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Merger = Massive Layoffs

what do you think will happen with the campus in Overland Park if this merger goes through?
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This week's layoffs at Sprint

5% impacted in our department in Reston, VA. It was a sh--ty Monday. Is this referring to this week? It was posted in an older thread but it says two days ago, so I'm not sure if it switches to two days as soon as 24 hours pass or if it was posted... read more
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Layoff after 21 years. Thanks a lot!

Today, after 21 years and 15 days, I was officially separated from Sprint due to organizational changes and cost cuts. Over those years I worked with some wonderful people that became more like family than coworkers. I believe things happen for a... read more
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What regions?

I always appreciate when people share info here, including any rumors on layoffs, but can you please add which region you are talking about? Just putting down the region will not in any way make it easier to guess who you are if somebody from the top... read more
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Back on March 9th...

Back on March 9th in the KC Business Journal, Dave Tovar (SVP Communications) was quoted as saying "Sprint will add jobs in sales, network, digital and customer experience, but did not specify how many would be added in the Kansas City metro area."... read more
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Any update on any type of layoffs today

The company is not letting us know anything everyone is in the dark. It is very difficult to work when you do not know what is going to happen with your job.
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Praying for Sprint Employees

After experiencing over 10 years of lay offs. Stressing over if it would be me. Impacting my health and family life. Trying to figure out the method and reason for choosing who goes next. Watching top performers and highly dedicated loyal workers... read more
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Network Org?

Any news or updates on the network org? Saw's email seemed to suggest everybody had been notified.
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3rd Party

I work for Third Party Sprint and the lay offs have freaked our higher ups, like my District Manager, really bad...
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Irvine / Warren Layoffs

I think the vast majority of layoffs are occurring OUTSIDE of Kansas. I worked at a satellite office in Irvine, CA and know that on Thursday 3/15, whole teams and groups not only in Irvine, but also Warren, NJ (and Overland Park), received... read more
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Good luck all

Well I've been with Sprint 27 years now and I'll say this loved it from day one have made a very good life from working smart and in my investments so I am truly sorry for those who are losing their jobs but believe me it's not just Sprint it's a lot... read more
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Soooo glad I no longer work for sprint. What a horrific company. It was such a black day for all of us at Nextel when that will advised merger came to fruition.
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National Retail

I’m hearing there will be a decision made on National Retail by this Friday for lay offs. It’s funny that they laid off people on the indirect channel and not NR yet. I’m curious if anyone else has heard this.
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Rapidly Losing People - You Know It's Not Smart

At this rate Sprint will be small enough to be gobbled up by T-mobile another provider or call it quits. I doubt a lot of talented people will want to work for Sprint in this economy to help them get out of there hole. Continuing trying to free up... read more
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Finance Today

Apparently people in the Finance organization are being notified today.
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Stealth Layoffs

This is going on so much that people have coined a term, "Stealth Layoffs." Not just Sprint, it's going on everywhere the past year or so. Some say it seems like a coordinated effort by corporations to conceal layoffs and the true state of the... read more
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Layoffs--Why so hush hush

I have been with the company through many layoffs and this one seems to be the most secretive of all. There is no communication and no transparency on what is happening. It seems like there is a ninja team of folks cutting people quietly out of the... read more
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LAMs, ISSRs laid off in Michigan market along with some SOMs and POMs.
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Digital content team laid off

My team in OP of about 15-20 just got notified our positions were being moved to Reston and we were all getting let go at the end of the month. Bon voyage.
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POTUS: I was just called by the head people at Sprint, and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States... (Dec 26 2016) Source:... read more
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Sprint layoffs

we keep hearing they are coming anyone have any specifics?
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Sprint Layoffs

Is it over yet several long time employees ( over 20 years) have been laid off already in the production support area. Anyone know what the total will be. Specifically in Meg's arena?
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Layoffs Coming!

I heard my VP say today that Sprint may layoff up to 10% of their workforce - retail sales is safe. No one else is safe.
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