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Exhausted at Staples

Tier 4, cut hours, tasks impossible to complete. We barely block anymore. They just work us to exhaustion with out the hope of actually being good. Poor thing over at copy center had 5 people waiting with no time allotted to actually do any... read more
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Attention all Drivers who are losing jobs!

Attention all Drivers who are losing jobs. Those retention bonus check to stay till the end is hardly anything when they combine it with your first check. I think a better bonus would have been to shove my handcart straight up CEO Ron Sargent ass.
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consulting attorneys

I'm sure staples can expect many lawsuits from this round of layoffs as I hear employees are already consulting attorneys to go over any options that they may have in such a situation, even if there are no lawsuits long term employees will be leaving... read more
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Stress leave

does anyone know if they can fire you if you go out on stress leave. Do you get disability if you go? My doctor wants to take me out.
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Staffing vs. customer traffic is out of line

Staffing vs. customer traffic is out of line at every tier. Framingham just does not get it. Bitch and moan and threaten jobs because of bad CSATs, bitch and moan and threaten over store conditions, bitch and moan and threaten over staying within... read more
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Tier 4 Stores Layoffs

Just been transferred to a tier 4 store about a month ago. Now, just got solid conformation that my store will be closing by the end of the first quarter. My thought would be, that would've the same for other tier 4 stores. There just isn't enough... read more
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Watch out SMs and remaining Ops Mgrs.....

Staples is trying to eliminate these positions. The higher pay (compared to Team Supervisors) and the mandated 5 hrs of OT a week have painted a target on these positions. It used to be easy/common for DMs/GMs to tell AMs "don't leave until XXX is... read more
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FY 2014 earnings call.

I believe it is scheduled for Friday 3/6. Anyone want to guess if bonuses will be mentioned if EPS is not met?
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268 hours?

So our store was cut to only 268 associate hours a week. I suspect many more of you are in the same boat. So is this just Staples intentionally pushing these stores to closure? Certainly looks to me like they are setting us to fail.
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Amazon is testing out delivering its own packages

It's amazing to see that Amazon is testing out delivering its own packages to have better control over the shopping experience. But Staples is getting out of this when its so clear having your own fleet deliver your products is what the consumer... read more
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Tier 4 slaughter

Anyone have any guesses on how long before Staples begins the wholesale slaughter of all the tier 4 stores?
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They should get rid of the BLACK BELTS. Waste of time and our money. What a joke nobody's telling us how to do our job.
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Job Applications Without Applicants

On the retail end, I was talking with a store manager at one of the Staples stores I deliver product to. The manager said job openings had been posted since Thanksgiving 2014, and not one single applicant has applied. I asked what the hours/pay was... read more
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Just heard the Orlando SDO close date has been pushed up

Just heard the Orlando SDO closing date has been pushed up from late June to the end of March. Nice! Way to go!! Suppose it'll only be a matter of time before the other SDOs who were told two weeks ago that they would have work until the end of June... read more
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The GOOD get punished

One thing I've learned at Staples is.. If your really good at what you do.. Which I am.. You are punished.. Cause what happens is.. they give you more stops and products.. while the slower get minimal stops.. As we all know.. It's the bottom line... read more
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Return of the craptop

2 weeks ago crosschanel was crying that there was to many sku changes and thats why clearance pcs where not ringing up correctly. Okay, things happen. Fast forward to today. The center of this entire weeks ad, the 149 craptop that rings up at 249... read more
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Has anyone else who quit this year received their W2? I have not... just curious... I used to be able to pull it online when I worked there... can I still do that?
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What's your experience

Cut our store hours from 475 to 280. Just went to level 4 store. Has anyone encounters this.
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Miami 3rd party

Thinking of moving to Florida.Does anybody know the name of the couriour that took over for us down there?Keeping all options open
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What keeps you at Staples

Just curious. I was there for 12 years. I left 2 years ago because I couldn't take it any more. What keeps you at Staples. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I just want to know.
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Cost efishint

we keep hearing how going with 3rd party carriers is going to save gazillions of dollars. i herd that these carriers are already not doing what staples drivers do every day. there is no accountability. some of the carrier drivers are taking 3-7 days... read more
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Anyone else watch next weeks Vibe video? Now the jackasses want 18 percent esp. They must think thats how they will pay for Office Depot
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Staples to buy Office Depot for $6.5B

I have worked for all 3 companies. Get out quick. Layoffs coming soon. Mass store closures. 1000 at a time. / Hit by weak sales and competition from other retail players, the two... read more
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To all the drivers...

My hearts go out to all of you facing potential job loss... stay strong and keep moving forward. You will get thru all this. You deserved better and will find it. Hang in there, its a sad situation for everyone with what is going on. Bless you all...
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Crappy Service at a Crappy Price

Seems to me that the Quality of Staples product has dropped dramatically in the past 2 years and on top of that our customers are upset with our service we provide. we are more expensive and offer shotty service. makes no sense to me anymore. looking... read more
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Had a mandatory meeting at 7 am basically telling us that we will be closing down July 17th and we are one of the bigger fleets..the retention and severance package sucks also!Deliver Driver
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