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Staples/Office Depot/Max Merger

Office Max did not outsource much domestic functions. Bookkeeping was in house. Deliveries were sent to warehouses in large trucks from the suppliers and shipped to the stores and customers from there. Accounting and bookkeeping was done internally... read more
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Hiring freezes

Boss just told me have a hiring freeze for drivers. What????? Then he tells me we aren't going to close "soon".
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State of affairs

It's easy and justified to resent a company so abhorrent to its staff. But just be rational with your rage, get the biggest bang for your buck in the process. Report shorted labor, file a claim for a hostile work environment, write reviews of your... read more
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Big SDO's Don't Be Too Confident You Are SAFE!!!

With the pending announcements looming in the next couple weeks be sure to take notice that all SDO's will be closed eventually. Just because you have a lease or are imbedded with FC's or Sales does not protect you from imminent closures. The size of... read more
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Staffing vs. customer traffic is out of line

Staffing vs. customer traffic is out of line at every tier. Framingham just does not get it. Bitch and moan and threaten jobs because of bad CSATs, bitch and moan and threaten over store conditions, bitch and moan and threaten over staying within... read more
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how soon sdo closures?

sure wish they would let us know their plans on closing SDO's. I am thinking it's coming sooner than later. Scanners and batteries and chargers are crap and no attempt to replace them. After hear about other closures around the country I was sure we... read more
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Restructure Exposed

These are the changes in structure. If your budget for next year results in a Tier change, that is unrelated. There are also pilot and test programs coming to an end, e.g. Tech Center Supervisors, Prime Techs, etc. Tier 4: $<3.75m Team Supervisors... read more
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consulting attorneys

I'm sure staples can expect many lawsuits from this round of layoffs as I hear employees are already consulting attorneys to go over any options that they may have in such a situation, even if there are no lawsuits long term employees will be leaving... read more
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Woah. A relocation.

soon to be announced: the Westerly RI store will be relocated across the street to a 12,000 building.
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Different standards

How can you hold two managers to different standards. Ignore faults of one and write up the other.
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Snow Storm

How many of us will be threatened brow beat into traveling in the upcoming storm to keep our stores open. We all need to stand our ground and not travel during a blizzard for our own safety and that of those who need to be on the road. Office... read more
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Wet Seal Store Closure

Check out what Wet Seal folks did as they closed the store today: Wet Seal - Birmingham, Alabama /
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Fixed Hiring Practices!

Over the years I have applied for positions that I was qualified for, only to be told I was passed over. I have had hiring mangers straight up tell me not to even interview. I never gave up, and pressed on. It got to the point that I could predict... read more
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What keeps you at Staples

Just curious. I was there for 12 years. I left 2 years ago because I couldn't take it any more. What keeps you at Staples. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I just want to know.
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Said the pot to the kettle!

What a joke, Staples explaining why other business' will go bankrupt! Ha! /
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Sales Offices

What happens to the sales offices and the employees in them that are effected by an SDO closure?
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Good Friday deliveries

Who's bright idea was it that the drivers go out making deliveries today? Over half my customers were closed for the holiday and that means I have to go back out on Monday and do the same stops again. We should of been closed today but don't have to... read more
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FY 2014 earnings call.

I believe it is scheduled for Friday 3/6. Anyone want to guess if bonuses will be mentioned if EPS is not met?
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Attention district managers.

If you think you are saving the company by pushing out seasoned manager to save some payroll you are wrong. All you are doing is getting rid of pillars that are holding the stores up and replacing them with toothpicks. What you don't realize is that... read more
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Lost a $1000 order yesterday

I lost a $1000 order yesterday because the kiosk and the dot com PC at the tech desk were not working. Customer did not want to wait for a reboot and said they'd order the item from home. Good job Staples..... Take the hours, it just proves that... read more
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Number of Hours Needed to Run a Store

264 hours a week divided by 85 open hours equates to 3 ( 3.1058 to be exact) associates working each hour the store is open. Then there is a GM and maybe an assistant, who's pay do not count against the 264. If there is no assistant, then the... read more
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DFS layoff

Got laid of Friday, have an interview for budget auditor Monday, should be careful about the talent you're turning away Staples.
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Expect more with less:(

Staples is cutting some valuable people but expect to get more with less! They really need to look in the mirror (Executives) you might be the problem. The changes need to be you.
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Staples layoffs March

I heard we'll be downsizing in March of this year...
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Kiosk equals hours?

So today we are told unless we get a $1000.00 a day in Kiosk sales we loose store hours? WTF. I guess Staples fiqures less employee hours will firce more customers to the kiosk. Anyone else here this nonsense.
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Severance Wasn't paid on time.

I was supposed to get my first severance check last week. HR messed up and we didn't get it. I got a call from HR on Friday afternoon indicating that they messed up and we won't be getting it last week because they didn't file the paperwork. So... read more
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Return of the craptop

2 weeks ago crosschanel was crying that there was to many sku changes and thats why clearance pcs where not ringing up correctly. Okay, things happen. Fast forward to today. The center of this entire weeks ad, the 149 craptop that rings up at 249... read more
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Bungee Jumping

...scary, reckless even, but there's no greater sense of spontaneity and freedom, that is except perhaps disembarking from Staples drone to enriched human being. Resigned, and it feels so good! Just had to pay this forum my respect since I will no... read more
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