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Exxon's Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels' Role in Global Warming Decades Ago

"In the first place, there is general scientific agreement that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels," Black told Exxon's Management Committee, according to a written version he recorded later.

It was July 1977 when Exxon's leaders received this blunt assessment, well before most of the world had heard of the looming climate crisis.


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Global Warming and Climate Change is a hoax.....It is called "weather" and will change for as long as the earth survives. This whole notion that we can control what happens on this earth is ludicrous. It was a ploy by Al Gore to get rich on green energy products and this POTUS AKA POS has run with it, and you can be sure he is also lining his pockets with $$ from the pushers of this hoax. Period!

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Sustainable? Earth will adjust to the huge human population increase in a way humans will not like. Scientist are now describing Earth events as caused by humans because humans are directly and negatively affecting a sustainable future. I did not say the people in China, India, Exxon or the USA are responsible for the unsustainable events that are happening now. Humans are responsible. It is Humans that have created the unsustainable exploitation of Earth's finite resources.

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Why is it that no geologist has come forward and pointed out that anyone can examine sedimentary rock formation layers and see that the earth has cycled from warm to cold and from cold to warm many times. Close examination of rock layers laid down over the roughly four and a half billion year life of our planet shows that the earth has undergone climate changes continuously some occurring very slowly and some very quickly, Massive vegetation growth both on land and in the seas during warm periods followed by ice ages lower seas and glacier action. Volcanic ash from different caldera explosions have been detected around the world. Paleomagnetic now more commonly referred to as geomagnetic evidence indicates that the magnetic pole reversal has occurred many time but more importantly that major climate changes appear to have been caused by major solar, volcanic, meteor, and or comet events. Why is it that no one has asked the question that perhaps the lack of volcanic activity and reduced size and number of forest fires has played any part in our global warming trend? A tremendous amount of stored heat energy is released into space by hurricane activity meaning that lack of hurricanes adds to stored energy in our seas. Perhaps because an answer of natural events or lack of would not cause fear and in tern not raise money to try to solve. We flatter ourselves that we have reached the point of having the power to influence the climate of our planet.

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OP Misinformation. Exxon published and presented their results in many scientific venues.


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Good reply Anonymous158037

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And, this has what to do with the topic of this forum?

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The world evolves we have been in ice ages before and water ages............this all occurred long before man and or the use of fossil fuels. If you think the world does not change then you probable believe people do not change. So continuing this conversation is pointless as you will never change

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Cool post glade you put it in every O&G companies page. Thanks for trying to start something. Glade you don't take part in any of this fossil fuel usage. Glade you don't use any plastics, ink, batteries, lubricants, rubber, manufactured metals, gasoline, etc. Oh wait your solar panels have metals and plastics in them. Good thing you have a battery powered car, oh wait those too use fossil fuels to make them.

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