Thread regarding ITT Educational Services Inc. layoffs

ITT Tech layoffs make campuses unsafe

Classes at ITT-Tech run from 6 pm to 11 pm. Campuses are often at business parks, deserted by 8 pm. Regular ITT -Tech employees (full-time employees) are gone by 7 pm. Sometimes dean stays until 9 pm. After that, its only adjunct faculty and classrooms full of students. Adjunct faculty (part-time employees hired quarter by quarter, no benefits) are asked to set alarm system and lock up, for no extra pay. Sometimes students are encouraged to leave by 11 pm, though lab classes officially last until 10:55 pm, because the adjunct faculty who is scheduled to lock up wants to leave. Just like any group of people, some of the students have emotional / mental issues, and there are no resources to help adjunct faculty and other students deal with the issues. Each student has a "rep" (ie salesperson) who convinced the student to sign up for classes in the first place, and also there is a campus dean. Disruptive behavior is reported to the dean, but after 9 pm or earlier there is no dean or any other security personnel on some campuses to report to. The choice is to hope everything will somehow come to peaceful resolution when a student acts up, or dial 911. There is no faculty training for dealing with students with mental issues, nor is there any training for a lock-down procedure. Compared to public schools, the security issues for students and faculty are abysmal. ITT-Tech higher ups don't respond to any issues until someone rats on them -- for example, they eliminated Career Services director for some campuses, until media spotlight was on ITT Tech for bad job placement statistics. So maybe if someone is hurt or traumatized on a campus, ITT Tech will pay attention to their lax security issues. But so far, all I have seen last few months is spiraling downward - chairs laid off, and now deans can be expected to function as campus director as well as dean. That means in some cases, ITT-Tech has no dedicated full time employee for their academics affairs, on a campus with hundreds of students. Guess what, Kevin Modany, Nicole Elam, some adjunct faculty don't feel safe on your campuses. No doubt some students don't feel safe either -- just another reason your enrollment is dropping.

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"Keep posting these propaganda lies. Who was paying you to sabatoge this legit company?? Shame on you!"

Ha, ha. This is sarcasm, right? A joke? Only people who disbelieve what the person who posted this thread went through has not stepped a foot on an ITT-Tech campus this past year!

This place deserved to close.

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Keep posting these propaganda lies. Who was paying you to sabatoge this legit company?? Shame on you!

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"There should not be any adjunct faculty with a key or alarm code! That is not allowed at any campus!"

What does it even mean at ITT-Tech to say that something is "not allowed" or "is allowed." Because at my campus, ever since the last chair was laid off last November, has ALWAYS been locked up by adjuncts.

Until last February, there was a dean, but the dean left by 8 pm. Now no dean either. Director/Dean gone by 7pm. Janitor shows up around 11 pm. Between 7 pm and 11 pm ALL adjuncts and students on campus. NO regular employees -- only the part-time temporary adjuncts and a hundred students.

Each night, one adjunct was assigned lock up duty. I asked one of them if they were getting paid extra for that -- answer was "NO." Campus located in industrial park. Surrounded by huge empty parking lots. You get the picture.

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There should not be any adjunct faculty with a key or alarm code! That is not allowed at any campus!

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It's not a real school. Almost 100% of the"students" would not be accepted into a real college. The teachers (not professors) know it. The students don't really care because it's"free money from the government" that pays for it. Like losing an Obama phone: who cares?

I worked there for about 3 years. They enrolled elderly women with physical disabilities into the criminal justice school. What police department would hire a toothless, near invalid? They recruit at homeless shelters. Why? Just get a human with a social security number to sign the government form so the school gets tax payer money. No teeth, can't read, can't speak, mumbling about crazy visions? You're enrolled! They did away with the cheesy little entrance exam totally and the students enrolled we're even worse: mental cases that smelled horrible and wouldn't respond to simple questions: mute mental patients. We had some Democrat state Reps visit campus. Detroit area politicians. It's just a way to pry loose tax dollars and spread out around. It'll ruin the students credit ratings, but they're living in homeless shelters and section 8 housing and pay for nothing anyway: free apartment, free food, free spending money and free school campus to hang out at once a week for a year or so at most. I never saw so many iPhones and facial tattoos in my life. I found a job that pays a little less but want a scam. This is how politicians (mostly but not all Democrat) operate everything: scam construction bids, phone contracts, medical supply reimbursement, housing rehab, road construction, etc. You show up and get an A, yet most of these lazy dummies still end up failing out because they're too busy getting high or arrested or committed to hospitals or evicted and living in a shelter. Some people are losers and always will be. It's like having someone in a coma co-sign a loan: the "victim" isn't really that much wider off. The taxpayers and real students at real colleges have to pay more to make up for these losers defaulting and driving up loan fees. They go back to their free apartment and free food and free phone and have iPhones and weigh hundreds of pounds because they lay around all day doing nothing their whole lives. I helped a bunch of people learn how to use computers and write resumes there. I actually helped a lot of people, but for about $42,000 less they could have bought their own computer and figured it out themselves like kids in the suburbs do at like age 5. For $23,000 they could get the same (but real) degree from a State University or Community College but those places don't accept mumbling, smelly, criminal, drunk, losers. I swear what I've written here is the truth. You can't fix garbage people, even with $43,000 of grant money.

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I worked at ITT for nearly 20 years. Profit and Education don’t mix. Anyone reading this just trust me here when I say that the school has always been interested in one think only. Profit.

That profit comes from the following:

I Maintain minimum federal requirement to quality for federal student loans and maintain the stream of new enrollments by employing the 2 techniques listed below.

a.) Keep as many students as possible legally on the rooster (active) until graduation in any way humanly possible. “MIA Warmy” was a term we used. Instructors would be fired if enough warmeys dropped out, so the instructors would do anything from giving free As and Bs to logging fake make up hours to keep the numbers up. Course content and teaching material was simply not part of maintaining federal funding requirements so it was overlooked.

b.) Get them a job doing anything for X amount of time to maintain minimum federal student placement requirements. Employment techniques were even forced in the academic curriculum, and this was not because we wanted them to “Succeed” It was to get them legally employed to keep our jobs)

ITT lives and lives & dies by the fedrel funding requirements. If you work there, and you are more interested in getting them a good education than the Federal Loan requirements, you’re gone. It’s not education, its $$. If spending extra time teaching a student was not tied to graduation rates, I assure you ESI would not allow it.

LOL - Anyone who ever worked there and who read this is obviously smiling right now.

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Some faculty work hard. Students, however, can be rude, lack work ethics, are not willing to take feedback and behave as if they are entitled to good grades simply by paying tuition. Other students work hard to learn, have good work ethics and will clearly succeed in life. Is that ITT's fault? Perhaps students should not enroll if they are not committed to doing the required work. ITT, like other for-profits serve non-traditional students. Nobody should be surprised that the teaching is non-traditional. Faculty are fully vetted but if a student gets out of control, even faculty at the most prestigious universities will not tolerate it. My observation is that the majority of faculty are seriously committed to helping their students. There will always be a few bad apples but they don't last long. But let's be realistic about this. If a students don't want to put in the time, it's on them. If they cannot get a job, then it's because potential employers can see trouble ahead. If the student body would put as much energy into their studies as they do bitching about things, everybody would be a lot better off.

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I worked at itt/esi and reported to the president of esi that the dean was changing the attendance on certain students from absent to present and changing the feedback survey. They then put pressure on me to quit. Later that year they gave the dean an award for "dean of the year". A very corrupt company that only care is money not students welfare.

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Good, then don't go there. Duh... If you're a student still going here you're world class stupid, if you're an employee still working there you deserve to be raped.

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Some campuses have security on site for the evenings.

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