Thread regarding Halliburton Co. layoffs

Halliburton Singapore Management Cheap Tactics !!!!!

Problems with Singapore Halliburton management - Completions Tools (Dec 2014-Till now)

When company is in cost cutting mode, Halliburton invites contractors 25 Engineers Approx from India.

Paying Contractors (QUEST)L1/L2/L3- 56USD/58USD/60USD PER HOUR !!! Yes Its Per Hour.

Imagine a simple math (Worst Case Scenario)

Level 1 Engineer Working for 8 hrs/day and 22 days per month = 22856=9856 USD approx 13680 SGD.

Number of Engineers=25*13680= 314640 SGD / month

Number of Month=314640 SGD *15 months=4719600 SGD= 4 million direct savings only from singapore at worst case scenario.

for these 25 engineers one TL also. imagine the money halliburton wasted during these time. when it comes to Layoff, they attack only the local people who joined and getting a meagre pay 3400 SGD for ATP ( No difference between bachelors and masters)

if company is very keen in cost cutting, they would have sent most of the expats back to US and UK and u wont believe

Minimum cost for expat (Stay,Salary,car,Phone,benefits)= 50000 SGD per person/month

if they sent 10 expats (worst case on dec 2014) they would have easily saved =500000 SGD= 0.5 million per month, consider 15 month = 7.5 million SGD savings

Total 7.5 million+4-4.5 million = 12 million, halliburton would have saved and its a huge amount . coming to the competency of the Quest Engineers and Some TL, its not even worth to have them in the team, rather halliburton promoted them to PTP and other important position.

Coming to Bonus, when halliburton is really in cost cutting mode, manufacturing friends are getting 2.5 times the monthly salary as bonus, i'm not against giving bonus, atleast they could have reduced to 1 month so that they would have saved a lot.

In short i should say, halliburton is going to see the consequences soon once the BHI deal breaks.... not in million... 3 BILLION USD... Friends pls try to jump sooner from the sinking ship..

i could see the situation, once the oil price picks up, there wont be a capable engineers in HAL and it will see the downfall soon...

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Any layoff today in Singapore ?

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I thought it was just because they were clueless. Doozy

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well...with every ecn, they will track what went wrong, the engineer's fault, drafter or data tech etc. if an engineer creates alot of ecn,...he/she is likely to be on the radar for the chopping block.

I think no one is that dumb to be the black sheep causing the ECN and saving the whole technology at the expense of his/her own reputation.

your conspiracy theory is too far fetched- ECN King

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I heard that the Singapore technology is creating tons of ECNs (simple "mistakes" in drawings or Bill of Materials) to justify employing the engineers,team leads and a manager to count the number of ECNs they are doing. Like digging up holes and filling them up. Great strategy.

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Yep, so stop you're whinging. "Come on I'll show you the ropes Zhi Hao"

"Thanks, and I'll show you the door Jock"

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Ha ha. And guess what ? some of the ex pats and the folks you who trained you and the folks you called for advice have already been paid off and unemployed or about to be.

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No different than what Schlumberger's or Weatherford's global operations are doing. It's about survival, if the company does not survive the oil glut then there will be no employees. Fear-mongering like this only puts the OP in a poor light - he/she's out of touch with the industry today. Sure, give up your job so that others can survive...

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Haha. Send ex-pats back? Who trained you dummy? Who keeps you right dummy? Who do you phone most mornings for advice, dummy?

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