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[Date] ____, 2016

Ms. Helen Gibson, Agency Fee Administrator

Communications Workers of America

501 Third St., N. W.

Washington, D.C. 20001-2797


CWA Local __


Dear Ms. Gibson and ___:

Effective immediately, I resign from any membership obligation that I may have with CWA. I have learned that I am not required to be a member of any union as a condition of my employment, no matter what language is used in the collective bargaining agreement that governs my employment. NLRB v. General Motors Corp., 373 U.S. 734 (1963); Pattern Makers v. NLRB, 473 U.S. 95 (1985); California Saw & Knife Works, 320 NLRB 224 (1995). I understand that as a nonmember, I remain part of the bargaining unit covered by CWA’s contract with my employer, and that I retain all seniority rights and other rights under that contract. I further understand that CWA must continue to fully and fairly represent me under the contract.

As a nonmember of the CWA, I also hereby inform you that I object to supporting any of the political, ideological and nonrepresentational activities of the CWA and its affiliates. CWA v. Beck, 487 U.S. 735 (1988). I do not wish to pay any dues while there is a contractual hiatus between you and my employer, so I ask you to immediately instruct Verizon to cease all deductions for periods when there is no contract in effect.

In the future, if CWA again secures a compulsory dues contract, please reduce the amount of dues that are demanded from me, so that I am not funding its political and other nonrepresentational activities. Also, please send me audited financial disclosures which explain and justify the chargeable vs. nonchargeable allocations for each level of the CWA hierarchy.

Finally, this is a continuing objection, unless and until I inform you otherwise.

Sincerely yours,



(City & Zip Code)


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They walk the picket line in solidarity with you, but as some of you know some of your own union brothers and sisters have and will f*** you more then you are willing to admit.

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And Reagan started the downfall of this great republic. What happened to we the people for the people. It has now become we the people for Wall Street. Republicans and Democrats have been bought and sold us ALL down the river. Funny how people see the difference between union and non union salary but fail to see the greater disparity between Wall Street and corporate executives salary. Surely if you are only worth $50000 and sh--ty health insurance the top executives can not really be worth 200-300 times more, stock options, golden parachutes and Bentley insurance plans, can they? Here we are fighting over scraps and there is a whole pie on top of the fridge. Sad state of mind for some. Just glad we, the union have the balls to fight for what is ours!

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Ask anybody who was hired to work in the field if they were labeled "permanent". Bet you they weren't. They are all hired "temp" workers from 6 month to 36 months. Be great full the union was able to bargain what you got. Open your eyes. Verizon is the one who is screwing you over. Like was said, at the time there were no hires after 2003. The company then had no intention of hiring permanent employees. When I came in 20 years ago, you were put on probation for six months and either was made permanent or let go. Times change and corporations figure out some sh--ty ways to abuse people. I'm just glad I have a UNION to give me a voice. Good luck to everyone out there, even management. It's a sh--ty work environment for everybody

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Come on Bub.. Who was it that told you, "If you listen to fools, the mob rules" ?

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Post ID: and your union endorsed our own modern day Benedict Arnold twice and the damage he's done is irreversible . You guys crack me up.

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Post ID: Ha! What an ignoramus. You cemented his argument. Duh?

The union owns this one, nobody else. The created this 2 tier sh-- and the knuckle draggers will not admit it. I said it when they did it it would come back to bite them in the assand here we are.. The fat F's didn't care as they were self-serving. They let the minions after 2003 eat cake.

There are special pages for Verizon folks on the National Right to Work website. Make sure you send it Certified Mail and return receipt. I did this 3 years ago after a Business agent threatened to go down to Basking Ridge and "Have all our F'n jobs". Done.. and you know the drill call the hall on a legitimate issue or file a grievance and good luck with any followup with this leftist hacks. May is coming and I can already see the posts on this site celebrating May Day as do the rest of the ignorant Commmie slugs do worldwide.

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Sorry but I tend to believe the ones who are on my side. I am not voting for sanders but just because Fox News/Limbaugh/ Hannity or any other republican projects their values on other to make themselves look like they are on your side is ridiculous. Show me how the union is not standing up for our better interests? The proof is in the pay scale and the benefits. A lot of jealousy around these parts. Stop trying to project your insecurities and faulted values on us. I can show you more greed and lack of values in Verizon than you can in the union. Go drink more Kool aid.

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Stay UNION strong, I love working and making money. Maybe if I save up I can play golf with the heads of the union and have drinks with them while we all laugh.

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Stand together !! Don't let anyone divide us!

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The UNION is just like Verizon. They sell you bullshit and union workers belive it. They told you to vote for OBAMA and now Sanders. Like good little sheep you do what you are told. You are out on strike not getting paid and union managment are and having a great time in the Hotels at your expense. How stupid are you all?

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You may not need the union leadership, but you do need the power of its esprit de corps. You are the tip of the spear in this business. You have the skill and the know how. Even the customer service people know how to react in times of great emergency. EWA jobs are easy now. The unions do those jobs when o one else can do any jobs

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That's why we have better pay and bennies than you I guess. Nice try but you are wrong.

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Good for you. You don't need the union. They only exist to take your dues, fatten but the bosses and contribute to failed politicians.

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I don't know anyone who was hired after 2003? We would all be in the same boat, which is fired by now. When that provision was added there was no "permanent member" employed after 2003. At least be happy with the pay scale, pension(if you last that long) sick days, 401k match, not having to travel more than 35 miles from your garage and the list goes on. Look at any union and there are different tiers. Even much more powerful unions. Fortunately for some and not so fortunate for others seniority means something and those people have much more experience and much more know how than any newbie. Be happy you have what you have and stop sounding like these little baby "if I can't have it, then nobody should" non-union people. Ohh sorry I forgot, you want to be one of them. Good luck. You will just be a coward for not standing up for yourself while you can.

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They all know who I am and my intentions, let them talk it's only words. Now threats of violence or getting what comes to me will not be tolerated.

Funny that there is No comment about selling out us brothers and sisters hired after 2003? There's some loyalty right there. We lost as a union when that contract was ratified.

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This is ALAMO time. You got the company by the balls and they are screaming and the Annual Meeting is just around the corner. The company has no good tales to tell at the annual meeting, as they could have just as easily renewed the existing contract last August and made the exact same amount of money they have made during that time, as well as remain in line with forecast. But Noooooooooooooo!

Some too-smart-by-half a$swipe with a theory on everything profit, sold his penny ante idea and is turning it into a billion dollar bungle. So now one has to really ask that given the results, is all of this executive management driven drama really worth the time, training, money or lost market cap?

Right now the CWA and IBEW workers can finally expose the shark skin suit hustlers at Verizon for what they have and have not been doing since 2011.

They have not been maintining their POTS at all

They have not rolled out and installed FiOS as promised

They have not bargained openly and fairly with the unions or managers

They have shipped good paying American jobs overseas to foreign countries

They continue to hire many foreign workers in place of American workers

They continue to pursue fringe investments for incremental revenues which rarely yield profitable results

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Yeah keyboard warrior. Why don't you go try that speech on the picket line. Lol

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so what about the no layoff protection for people hired after 2003??? Some real loyalty there. Talk about betrayal. That's when I lost all respect for my beloved CWA. All these keyboard balls and thug speak from behind your computer. When I do decide to cross, and I will at some point because my house and family is worth more than this so called brotherhood, come look for me in Hempstead.

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This post is a fake. The company won't last more than 3 months tops.

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This post is in desperation of a losing fight. The hail Mary pass to try a get the only people that can do the job Back. This show's undoubtedly the Union is winning.

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It is amazing that in this global metrosexual world, with the gaying of the NB-Gay and queering of Football, and She-Hes and He-Shes being the new dictated LGBTABC culture rules, that the latest addition to the totally warped and accepted cultural rule changes is that TREASON and Backstabbing and selling out and betrayal are good things.

This is warped! And the 'Nu Verizon' is also warped!

Stand up! or go down on your knees to this unAmerican unapplealing culture of serfdom and betrayal.

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how is the union just a tool of the politician? Don't you have a great contract? Don't you still have a pension, sick days, job protection, etc... You sound like a bitter manager who lost all that already. Please don't make yourself sound any more stupid than you already do.

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Thug my ass If someone stabbed you in the back I guess you would just stand there? Sticking together is what it is all about. I just happen to be someone that cares about loyalty and if you betray it then let the chips fall where they may. Just be prepared for the response. Push me and expect to get stomped back! Why quit now? You should have quit when you took the job if you didn't want to be here.

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Call me names, make all the threats you want. The union is nothing more than a tool being used by politicians and the company. We were stupid to walk to begin with and I'm not giving up another dime to this fiasco. If IF the rest of you come back in a few months, I'll laugh and wave my paycheck stubs in your stupid faces.

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This post proves there losing the fight........You would never see something like this if it was going well.........Keep up the good fight Boy's and Girls victory is near.

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Many don't last when the strike ends. Many take a management position. Take into account the day and age with Verizon that is not so promising of a future

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Typical Union thug response. If someone is different lets threaten them. Don't give us a bad name by acting like that.

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Little bitch move. Cry about the union but wants all the benefits. Loser, just know that when the rest of the workers come back you will probably have to transfer or quit. Hope you get what you deserve. Good luck to you scab!

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Dear General Washington,

I am selling the plans and drawings for West Point to the British Red Coats, like Judas sold out Jesus.

Sincerely, your friend and mentee,

General Benedict Arnold

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