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Management must change from the top down

Management must change from the top down and they need to re-evaluate what a manager/management actually is. Management directly impacts all aspects of a company.

They need to get that under control if we are going to succeed!

Otherwise, we will continue to spiral down to another low... As a company.

We can be a great company again, but it is going to take drastic measures from the top down to make that change.

I try to be optimistic about this, but, the future of oil doesn't look good.

Just my opinion, I see more layoffs, facility closures, and the possibility of most if not all PSL's to reside at the North Belt facility in the next couple years.

I just can't see the Halliburton of the past and don't see any real future in the oil field service.

It shows on our paycheck a, the quality of employees that are hired, our management.

And it really shows in the employees that have been here for any length of time. Nobody seems to care about anything, they have bad attitudes and I everyone that I know thinks that the management and their supervisors and leadership are stupid.

Things gotta change man!!!!!

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We need you people to work harder and pay more taxes so those of us who don't work get more benefits and higher pension. Now get back to work or I'll be back.

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The truth of the matter is we will all have to work harder as wages get smaller and cost of living continues to rise especially in the uk.

That's why halliburton should do make the correct decesision and give staff a final salary pension

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"Seems that people will have to work longer ie may be 67 years old as company make it difficult"

There is NO way in hell that ANYONE is going to be allowed to work long enough to reach the age of 67, the way Halliburton practices age discrimination, ANYONE past the age of 50, or 55 at the MAXIMUM is going to be gotten rid of.

Age equals experience, and experience is ONE thing that the NEW Halliburton does NOT want any part of, after all they cannot have the employees being older than management, can they? EXPERIENCE trumps ALL of their politically correct 'management', experience trumps 'processes', experience trumps 'job simulations', experience trumps ALL of the promises and snake oil that management and sales put out to the customer, and in a lot of cases, experience trumps 'education'.

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Next executive board meeting let's speak about our forgotten staff members that work hard both onshore & offshore to make the company what it is as about time.

Instead of giving managers suit cases full of dollars or uk pounds give something to the work force let's start with. Pay award yes another 1 as 2 per cent peanuts. Better deal on share scheme and finally a final salary pension as people get older in life and living standards increase and unless your a executive or manager you'll never be able to retire at halliburton as they state 55 years old .

Seems that people will have to work longer ie may be 67 years old as company make it difficult

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No leaders in this company to much managers how many do we need per PSL I have lost count in abz.

It's shocking to say first pay rise in 5 years was it worth getting what make it even more worse is no increase on offshore day rate.

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well, like whut was you expectin' from a s--tshow.

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Management have dragged us into the gutter and everything is in a mess with no way out. Isn't there someone in this company with leadership skills to steer this sinking ship. There just seems to be a bunch of turds running this company.

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