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Salary actions at power

Maybe I'm just dumb, but it just dawned on me that if the power market is going to be soft for the next four years, doesn't that mean that there will effectively be no salary actions for the next four years? Why would any middle age SP stay? Those missing salary actions will haunt us for the rest of our careers.

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you are full of sh!t

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When someone gets promoted ahead of you the best thing is to kick your manager in the balls to help him think more logically.

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What difficult environment! When there is travel ban, everyone traveled; when there is a budget cut, the management promoted unworthy employees to lead or manager position (like software engineer jumped to manger position instead of senior software engineer position) with hefty salary increase; when there is $20 billion dollars missing, and the management wasted money by spending on Halloween parties, lunches, and other unnecessary expenditures. This is 21st century and the loyalty is long dead.

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Employees will hear the story that it is a difficult environment and the company is struggling financially so raises and/or bonuses will be minimal if any. The company will expect the employees to be understanding of this environment.

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Loyalty to the General?!?!? Don’t make me laugh. Where was their loyalty to the employees who made this company what it was while Imelt was flying around the world using 2 planes, buying failing companies, running it into the ground while making sure that he and other high ups walked away with golden parachutes? Loyalty my arse.

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Why stay? Because you're lucky to have a job in this econo... wait. The people leader handbook says I'm supposed to say that to restive headcounts to shut them up, but I can't tell you that with a straight face because I know it's untrue.

The only reason to stay at this point is because of your loyalty to The General. But believe me, that loyalty is only a one way street now! At a staff meeting earlier this month, I suggested to my direct reports that they should all update their resumes, and I told them that I have already done so as well.

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