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Just got RIF'd at United Health

Wednesday Aug. 30 - got laid off from Optum Technology (subsidiary of United Health) - along with 27 others, beware of this company, the do not care about their workers!!
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Optum IT US Layoffs

Cutting IT Project Managers and Engineering Architects so these jobs can be off-shored or replaced with Cheaper H1B visa holders. Another blow to US STEM workers.
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UHG R&D (Savvysherpa)

Anybody knows anything about this group, Savvysherpa? My former manager (and around 10 FTEs of his) joined the group last month, and this month, 3 of them already got cut! I heard they are doing innovations (e.g., burning money....yeah right) for Mr... read more
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C&S Structure Reorganization

3 of our head directors were laid off in community and state this week. Time will tell if more layoffs are to come.
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New employee

After going through a layoff with my last job, I thought I'd get on here prior to taking this one. Are there really a lot of layoffs here? I'm going to be working in the customer service department. And I'm a little worried now.
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Clinical administrative layoffs?

I see here that there have been layoffs lately. I was wondering if that has been any clinical admin layoffs or talks of it?
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Good advice

Do not sign the severance. That is an ironclad legal document. You will have no rights after you sign. Go to the Department of Labor and report the failure to give WARN notices. UNH will be fined 2-3 months pay with interest across the board. HR... read more
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UNH Layoffs

More layoffs? We've had layoffs nearly monthly lately thanks to the company's decision to ship as many of our jobs as it can across the border (i hear Philippines are currently the destination of choice.) Anybody here knows if we are looking at more... read more
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TAA Benefit

Many UHG jobs shipped out of the country. layoffs result. Connect with your Displaced Worker Program and inquire of the TAA Benefit TODAY.
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Success UHG/Optum in Leadership Role.

A) Criticize everything and praise Amazon/Facebook/ Google B) Turn around and do everything you just criticized C) Do not work on anything accountable D) Keep hiring from your clan E) Talk a lot and produce vaporwares. F) Just do whatever your boss... read more
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QuEST/BPQM Employees in Ireland

We were told last week the jobs for BPQM/QuEST employees in Letterkenny were moving offshore. Don't have a number of how many affected, but know personally of 3.
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April layoffs at UnitedHealth

Layoffs today at UHC at TAMPA HUB. The BODY COUNT is around 50. Any more info on this? (Posted yesterday in an old thread by .)
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Toxic Culture

OPTUM Technologies has new leadership and from what I witnessing they are forcing everyone to work weekends and this has created a toxic workplace. In my honest opinion I think this is by design. To make your work environment so miserable that staff... read more
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Optumrx Ineptitude

Far as I am concerned Optumrx should get rid of everyone and see if you can acquire a company that knows what they are doing and have systems that actually work. I have never worked with a company that was as totally inept at operating on every level... read more
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Optum IT Moving Offshore

I heard that Optum IT is moving mainly offshore including management. Only SME's will remain on shore. Does anyone have additional details?
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2018 UHC HCE Exchange layoff

To be fair UHC told these people to find other jobs for two years, and they could not/would not. However, UHC did not give them warnings, misled about 30-50 people saying they would help or place them in other jobs, and then even though this division... read more
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Optum Tech TDP Layoff

from the 2000+ TDPers who got here at Optum Tech, the senior VP just told me that they will lay around 10% of these young Millennials off starting February since Mr. John Santelli got cut a warming that there are too many TDPers and we need to cut... read more
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Ongoing layoffs

Everything United does is on the hush hush because they know it's wrong but they don't care about you or me or our families. What they care about is the Almighty dollar in making sure that the big-wigs are earning their $100 million plus wages and... read more
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Awful company to work for

This company is all about profits, and they treat their employees like they are a number. The health insurance they offer their employees could easily bankrupt the average employee if they get sick have to go to the hospital. There are certain... read more
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data capture

I was on Medical Leave and received a phone call monday morning that my position was eliminated on. i was with UHC for 15 years.
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I'm not laid off now, but I'm going to milk the cow

Given what is going on, I grabbed a PT job for the holidays anticipating a layoff in January. I've also given this sites information to major new outlets. I will be prepared. Hopefully cash in some stock prior to Q1 since it is up so high.
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Laying more people off?

Maybe with all the cuts they are making they can replace all the sh--ty, faulty systems that are literally down 3/5 days a work week.
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Laying people off in phases

At Optum, they have been laying people off in chunks to avoid certain requirements like reporting and needing to provide people with notice.
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For the record, Intake is always hiring
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Are people who are laid off given a notice?

I know that UnitedHealth has to give a 60 day notice if it lays off a sizable group due to WARN, but what happens when they only lay off a few people at the time? Are those people given any notice or do they have to pack up immediately and leave the... read more
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saw some layoffs today

dept in EnI U.S. based saw 4 people laid off yesterday -- about 100 person dept so 4%. part of the reduction or whatever uhc is going through
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Nurses beware of UHG

I'm no longer employed with UnitedHealth, and boy do I feel good about it. It was one of the worst experiences in my career. No matter how well I did with the metrics and audits it would not be rewarded accordingly. The best I got was a one percent... read more
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Laid off

Was just given my 2 weeks been with the company for 19 years,so yes they are laying off people.
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Get Ready

All LOB, all programs.. eventually. Individual auditing of staff for IQC is no longer. Sample size reductions, ad hoc sampling using statistical methodology (chi square) analysis to target low end defect identifiers. The trend will continue...call it... read more
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OSGS Layoffs Today - NJ, CT, MA, VT

Optum State Government Systems under Lee Valenta had large IT layoffs today. NJ, CT, MA, VT, and others. This after a great earning call and 18% yoy numbers?
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Do you really want to refer your friends>

UnitedHealth Group sends out emails to refer your friends while throwing away people left and right each month. Yes, let's send people we like to be treated that way. You can say staffing cuts are just business but UHG are B-B-Billlllions profitable... read more
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