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When is the EISP for SST's??
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Besheveled in BELLE VERNON

I am a customer and I was told about this website and I felt the need to express my thoughts here......I just got a new phone and I was asking a lot of questions of my sales person, if that’s what you want to call her, and she was getting very... read more
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I can’t surive with this quota and base pay!! My manager seems like he doesn’t care!! My rent is due and I can’t pay it. Who do I have to call????
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New Commission trials

For everyone trailing out a new commission plan comment about likes/ dislikes etc I know there are a few and would like to hear some perspective. So far I'm not a fan but it's still early
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Who is up next?

All reorgs are done Kickoff meetings this week Earnings soon Got to be some good things coming out of this.
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GLE Retail Needs help!!

Since everyone is talking about the director, she’s awful!! I think she is very childish, and does not care about her employees development! To start, this market has very weak DMs. I never see mine..ever. Now we have a new director, and she has... read more
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Everyday I'm Hustlin

The fall of GLE from the directors instagram. That’s a great sign to be on a managers desk. Let’s replace our name for lyrics from a rap song. Enough said! "Everyday I'm Hustlin". Great visit at Rocky River and North Olmstead in GLE 08 with... read more
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Team Commissions is a joke so far.

6 days into the new team based commission structure and it is pretty much more of the same. Out store's sales dollar bucket/quota seems incredibly high and not obtainable. 6 days in and we are on pace to hit 70 percent of the bucket. Last year at... read more
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MLK Holiday - deducted 1 personal day.

Has anyone noticed one of our personal days was taken away for 2018 - used to get 56 hours (7 days) and now only 48 hours (6 days)? While we are given an extra holiday for MLK day, we lost a personal day. Anyone else notice this? The loss of a... read more
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All centers are hiring except for 1- Huntsville

I checked out the external career page, and every center has postings except for Huntsville, AL. The GCO section is still empty, and Care is down almost 100 Advocates/Specialists since July. Wouldn't be shocked for a closing during the 1st qtr.
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Vldp discontinued?

Someone say they're getting rid of the vldp program? Anyone hear the same?
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0 (Zero) Customers Today

I woke up with my car covered in snow, and detours due to accidents on my way to work I called my manager to let him know I might be late. His response was you should of stayed closer to work. I don’t care how you get here you need to get here now... read more
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Where’s my New Years eisp?
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Great news!!!

Received news today that our store (corporate location in GLE05) will be closed February 3rd. Happy New year!!
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Severance Pay

For those of us thrown to the curve November 14th. Does anyone know when the severance is paid? No date was shown in the package given to me
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Internal investigation in Texas over harassment coverups

HR, Directors, trainers and former FMs being investigated regarding coverups of harassment that took place over past years in Texas. Finally the company is investigating why these complaints were ignored. Former FMs who helped cover up investigations... read more
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Welp, 2017 is finally over!

I hope everyone who visits here has a wonderful and prosperous new year! Retail side has been rough to say the least and I'm relieved 2017 is over. 2018, bring on the severances! Good luck everyone!
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Who came up with ARD?

Who thought up this number. Management wants $150 per device whenever people come in. Such a joke. "bundle it together with a hum"
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Winners Circle locations 2018 ?

I heard this past year Winners Circle was celebrated in Walt Disney World for a certain region. Any truth to this? Does anyone have confirmation where the rest of the regions will be at?
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TMP price hike

That’s right! TMP is getting jacked up to $13 a month starting in 18. That’s an absolute disgrace and a shameful act. And the much vaunted “Multi” TMP is shooting up to $39. It’s quite clear this company is only interested in blessing things dry... read more
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Solution Specialist Reqs Canceled

has anyone happened to notice that ALL Solution Specialist positions have been canceled all over the US.. if you log on to search for jobs.. you will not find a-- job open!! #SUSPECT Something is going down.. SOON. Also... has anyone noticed no more... read more
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This year can’t end fast enough!!!!!!

I’m beyond ready to chunk the deuce to this excuse of a company. Everything they do at every turn screws us. Most don’t get it or can’t see it. However, as a rep making 6 figures or at least I used to, it’s painfully obvious. I used to love this job... read more
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So when is this March eisp supposed to be coming?
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We're just all overhead at the whim of the execs

Verizon doesn't believe in training, so it's no big deal to rif the staff (no money invested). However, the reason for the rif in the first place is that you didn't train them. I'm in product development and asked PMs for their projects cost... read more
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Has anyone heard about being considered an "early retiree" when age and years of service equal 72?
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