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We have reached the point of no return

You can rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic but it doesn't change the outcome of the end." There won't be a sequel movie for West. West new leadership has lost the ship and along with it, the morale of most of the staff employees. I can't... read more
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What's going on with layoffs? Are we expecting any more this week? I have to admit that last week crept up on me unexpectedly, and considering that I am always stressing about layoffs that's really saying something. Can we expect more surprises like... read more
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This company is lost

We lost some very good people at Televox. I’m angry and pissed. We have always been a profitable division of West and we are just getting screwed over. Not only have we been getting screwed for years with no SIP because other divisions were lagging... read more
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July Layoffs come early

Layoffs that were anticipated next month comes in early and are happening since last evening . Some peers whom we consider as excellent/outstanding performers have been let go in the name of cutting cost or RIF or whatever you can call. The numbers... read more
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This is not about performance

The first performance goal progress entries coming up here this month, wouldn't surprise me if they use that as the basis for layoffs. "Underperformers" will get the axe. You can't be this naive to believe that layoffs are about performance. The goal... read more
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Nothing before July

You heard it here first. June is safe. July on the other hand...
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Manassas Va

Any news on the Manassas, Va call center? Anyone know??
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West technical teams to be impacted in June

Next round coming up in June impacting technical teams. Omaha impacted but not Dallas due local management group protection. Buildings being sold at various locations, continuance upon site closures progressing, etc. Still think it’s not going to... read more
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Layoffs are ongoing

Layoffs are occurring - ongoing - not just in larger numbers. Strategic positions are being eliminated with the goal of eventually shutting down specific sites. If you work at a facility that is becoming emptier and emptier, think about it - who is... read more
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More layoffs coming

Think it over - wait and see. +60 more next few months if not sooner. You need to face the facts! I agree with . You all need to get your heads out of the sand. Layoffs are a guarantee, it's better you accept that and prepare for the... read more
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Where are people getting their information?

Seriously folks, where are you getting your information? So far I've seen here that layoffs should be expected in June July, August and September. Will there be anybody left when that's all over? The only layoffs I have heard about from other sources... read more
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Lay offs are just getting started

People endured multiple years of no or 1 to 3 percent raises are being walked out. Friends I've worked with 20 years being shown the door. Dont work here. Upper management keep profits with little to nothing going to workers.
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Is it over for now?

I know there are more layoffs coming in September, so I am not asking about long term. I'm just wondering if layoffs that have been happening for the past two days are finally over and done with, or can we expect more notifications today or even next... read more
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May and September

Layoffs started yesterday at the West Point site and there is a rumor there are more today and more coming in September.
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Update-2 West 2018 May layoffs

More layoffs will soon occur as new owners Apollo Global Management (AGM) continue driving downward trend of team members. AGM enforces spend less attitude knowing aging equipment causing traffic instability, if West customers only knew. As you walk... read more
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Anyone know anything? What’s new they don’t talk about?
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Turning into First Data

Benefits are getting a hatchet job starting with 401k, it wouldn't surprise me if they start cutting PTO and switching to high deductible health plans here soon. The executive level is getting filled with people that have worked at First Data, so it... read more
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Good read

I’ve been an employee of West (formerly InterCall) for almost 20 years. This is a time of complete uncertainty. We have no idea of our 3rd quarter or 4th quarter numbers as we are no longer public. Gone are the days of company wide conference calls... read more
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West Nov 2017 layoffs

Heard that total number of layoffs in this 3rd or possibly now 4th round was 220+ corporate wide late Oct / early Nov. There were 2 rounds in May / June of a couple hundred and sporatic firings and forced early retirements since. But all the execs... read more
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As of Nov 3 2017 effective Dec 31 2017

Two managers were let go in the conferencing call center in newnan ga on Friday Nov 3 2017. The entire center will close effective Dec 31 2017. Multiple departments in this center have employees being let go in Dec. The rest must make a decision... read more
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West Layoffs 2018

How come that we cannot find any reasonable rumor or info about layoffs in Omaha.
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So quiet .... to quiet regarding this sell!!!
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West Corp

Anyone have any updates as of 7/26/2017? They are being very quiet about what's happening.
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Apollo Visit

Rumor is Apollo visit next week to start clearing house and letting people go with the pink slips.. upper management is safe... everyone else ... look out
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Get Out Now

Better get out while still can before just come into work and closed for business on the door. Time will be coming on fast for the lights to be turned out for good on West Corp
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What's a fancy name for Layoff?

Oh, its Reduction In Force! Got the memo on 6/16/17- Omaha has gotten out the vacuum cleaner and has started cleaning house. Start bringing your personal effects home now! It'll be much easier to bring less home when you're pink slipped.
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Omaha Cleaning House

Rumor out of Apollo ... going to come in and shut off the lights in Omaha right after the 4th Q
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Start Boxing

Start boxing up personal items. You will be getting the pink slip in 60 days
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West Selling

Apollo Global in advanced talks to buy West Corp, say sources: Reuters •April 28, 2017 •By Reuters News Private equity firm Apollo Global Management LLC is in advanced negotiations to acquire U.S. telephone conferencing services provider West Corp... read more
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West Layoffs 2017

If you really want to know about layoffs just ask your manager or supervisor - see what happens, always works at least in Omaha.
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West Layoffs 2016

Layoffs in sales, company is outsourcing positions to India
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West Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of West layoffs in Omaha in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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